Open a clothing store replenishment is skilled

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-28
Open a clothing store is the process of replenish onr's stock to sell goods to restock, and everyone has its own set of theory to support, replenishment way is different, each of its operating effect is also different, if you don't know these novice is natural, how can the normal replenishment is also a headache problem, if the replenishment is not timely will cause no goods to sell, can cause inventory replenishment too much pressure, what skills the replenishment? Chat with friends also heard some of his experience, also share with everyone. A friend had a monopoly in high-grade clothing store, because supply channels are fixed, opened from the business is thriving, often short soon after their arrival. One day when we talk about his shop experience, he filed a replenishment problem. According to the conventional approach, every day to check goods, will be replenishment is going to sell off the goods. Headaches is sometimes rather sell slowly, after the goods to supplement the results into inventory, sometimes to the goods and not enough, we can not sell for a few days and then broken goods. It takes half a day staring at these goods, but also is always a problem. Laments that replenishment is difficult, I now only slowly groping with experience. At present is to sell more good for more, if sell are generally less to fill a few, not good sell of course cannot be restocked. Replenishment is to buy one of the most important function of hand work, the trick is to 'quantity' and 'timing' clever cooperate between. First we collect A few main basic values, as follows: A cumulative sales number ( From the date of loading) , inventory quantity (B Shop + center warehouse) Strategy, C date. Second, C to calculate the sales week D ark date above, which is so far the goods sold on sale D week, then use the cumulative sales number A week sales divided by D, A/D = E, thus calculate the quantities of the goods per week on average E. The third step, the inventory quantity B divided by the average weekly sales quantity E, F is concluded that the remaining inventory sales week, B/E = F, F value shows that the rest of the inventory also can sell a couple of weeks. A numerical analysis of the reference is easy to F if need replenishment, how many quantity for you, and according to the factory or supplier replenishment speed, whether additional order in time. This formula is summary of others, we just according to the actual situation to the formula can get us to the number of replenishment. It is important to note that the new goods on the beginning of sales is often unstable. Generally on the premise of seasonal, sales and decide whether to fill sheet is the best time to watch for new product listing 2 weeks later, the time period reflected in numerical will tend to be stable and has certain representativeness. If there are no other factors, the data can be used as a buyer of replenishment.
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