Open a clothing store the basic elements of success

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-01
Shop some say this is a difficult thing, but for some people is very simple, some people pay a lot of effort but still no success, some people seem to succeed easily, ACTS as handy, no business, can only say that his way of doing things with the right to use the right way to get twice the result with half the effort, in the wrong way, doing things can't say looks very hard but failed to feel god unfair, even this day is as usual, certainly will never succeed if you wrong again. It will open a clothing store want to succeed in what aspects? Location is a big problem, we do first clothing store must gather together, don't drive alone co, if determined empty can run out of operator's money. If the stream at the same time, on the site by walk. If less people will sell your goods. Stream can be easily gathered popularity, and traffic was a small place to do a relatively profitable goods. Sources many boss make wrong, they always have good suppliers is good, but the goods is not beautiful. With the way of shopping, let these shopkeepers stock only care about the price, style while the east and west and only feel good, and don't pay attention to find a strong strategic partner. My Suggestions to these peers is focus on the two take, ripe's door. Not for a period of time don't pick, I put on the market of the old one back to the store. Concentration can get general order after receiving no chance to see the new, s good relations with suppliers, have what good sell money wouldn't miss. Because of good relationship and wholesalers, I often do what goods by the end of the year. Store clothes don't take too much pattern more personality more difficult to sell, keep business records to review each month, take the goods when two paragraph about a chosen. Two models are like to make a first, will be a later. Because the customer is there will have high and low, but the store provides several she is 1 piece. Choose style factors, focusing on the version when version to good, age span is big, simple and easy is the best selling. In addition it is very important to maintain a certain style, don't cry because it is less customers is new every day. Normally sells the goods usually take dozens, often check whether yards need to supplement the, need not to need add color. Good pin money for selling more, because this is the market must goods, consumers buy satisfaction is high, after doing has boosted the opportunity of VIP customers must not forget to expand, must have the customer is the capital of our success.
Building a brand as HongYu Apparel from the very start is simple so long as you keep 'the three C's' in mind: clarity, consistency and constancy.
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