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by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-01
As we more and more developed science and technology, there are changes in our business model, such as electronic retailing, entity shop, wechat business these emerging industries, different model we may also have different requirements for your purchase. In fact, no matter how to do our supply of goods is a barrier, we can always becomes available for regular business, so, where should the wholesale clothing? We have all kinds of management pattern can replenish onr's stock to the clothing wholesale market, the sources of this is common, guangzhou, shenzhen is the primary market, this is the place where more resources, conditional friends can well go here. Hangzhou sijiqing is the secondary market, the parties have their own characteristics, classification and fine, haining leather, puyuan knitting, pinghu, down jacket, KeQiao fabric market, and so on. But many goods stalls are scrambled to guangzhou. Shanghai seven pu some archives mouths do European goods are fine, it is related to industry of Shanghai itself ability. But wholesale price tends to the trend of the retail price is too serious, if you are not doing high-end, your profits may be enough. Many version at the beginning of the business may be to take goods clothing wholesale market, but with their own, perhaps he go cargo, your ability to sell a lot of goods, if for a long time to take goods wholesale market, may not sometimes supply source, sometimes the price fluctuations, merchants in order to better control the cost, also for the wider profit, may contact garment factory, manufacturer replenish onr's stock is also a common channel, pleased to manufacturer replenish onr's stock can get lower. But a lot of contract will usually require a purchase quantity and amount is higher, so generally must have a certain strength to try this way, also give oneself increment of trouble free. Is wechat business sounds very fire, and now my friends send clothes also has a lot of people in the picture, there are some hair clothes the version of the video, but I just think they send too frequent, let I missed a lot more valuable to share, actually I had blocked other people's circle of friends, just don't want to see the refresh all day, open the circle of friends are all his share, and wechat business I think they also many are in the form of proxy, they may be on the Internet to find some feel the clothing to the agent, may have not seen him for his genuine sharing clothes, of course, there are some people in the clothing business circle is garment factory or their own homes. Others are taking goods abroad, such as going to South Korea apm wholesale market now are duty-free, along abundant express send me directly, such as many Chinese do this, local language will be more convenient communication. Clothes version is great price is low, back to the premium rate will be high at home and abroad. And you also can do some act as purchasing agency reasonable use, by the way, the profit will be very expensive. The comparison of many clothing entrepreneurs have to do this, do a good net profit of more than 100000 a month.
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