Ordinary mask with the difference between the surgical masks

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-02
Say first surgical masks, common surgical masks, for non-woven masks, gauze mask, and anti-virus mask. 1, one-time non-woven masks, layer number is more than three layers, more to isolate bacteria, dust, and the disposable use, safe and reliable, no secondary infection risk. 2, gauze mask, has always been in a type of face mask, wonderful cloth mask, types of research in the field of medical fields have a wide range of applications. 3, anti-virus masks, mainly non-woven material, intermediate and filter layer, generally adopts melt-blown filter layer cloth. Have the functions of sterilization, sterilization. 4, in fact no surgical masks ordinary mask just on the material level is high. Main or function and the use of occasions, the height of atmospheric pollution from industrial society, make the development of the masks a unique field. According to the applicable occasions and user demand niche will be developing and perfecting. So, medical, ordinary, difference could be style, may be filtering precision, can be applied occasion, may also be a comfort to breathe.
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