Our country issued the first civilian respirators national standard on November 1

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-03
Inhaled PM2 after wearing. 5 concentration is reduced to less than 75 microgram/cubic meter only qualified China environment news reporter li Beijing administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the national standardization management committee has issued a 'daily technical specification for protective mask national standards, this is China's first civilian respirators national standards. This standard will take effect on November 1, for fine particulate matter ( PM2。 5) The protective effect and wear the safety performance of made specific provision. At present, the standard only about masks for labor protection and medical protection standards, such as the respiratory protective equipment self-priming prevent particulate respirator filter type '' medical respirator technical requirements' and 'medical surgical masks, the so-called civil anti-fog haze masks on the market, has been a lack of standards. Previously, many masks to 'filtration efficiency' to represent its anti fog performance, and often claim to be 'filtration efficiency above 90%'. But the filtering effect of filter cloth material, does not represent the masks protective effect, because of the mask and sealing. For this reason, the daily technical specification for protective mask to mask the provisions of the performance using the 'protection' comprehensive index, to 'inhalation of air quality in the body after wearing masks' this visual effect to define the performance of the mask. According to the prescribed standards, wore after can be inhaled PM2. 5 concentration is reduced to less than 75 micrograms per cubic meter, after the filtering inhaled air quality good and above level in the body, is qualified. This can avoid the masks of focusing on filtering effect and ignore the sealing. In addition, in order to guarantee the safety of the public when wearing a respirator, the standard also requires masks should be able to secure a firmly protect mouth and nose, there shouldn't be palpable sharp Angle and sharp edges. In addition, to formaldehyde, dye, microbial factors may cause harm to human body, such as standard have made detailed provisions; At the same time the rules should not be used may be harmful to human body material.
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