Parsing masks winter wear myth

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-16
In the cold winter, many people wearing masks only role is to keep warm, in fact, a mask of heating effect is not good, not only not the effect of preventing disease, also can reduce the body's immunity. This is because, the person's blood vessels and cavernous blood vessels in the nasal mucosa has abundant network, blood circulation is very active, natural heat against the cold air suction, and the nasal pipeline is very tortuous, greatly increase the surface area of the nasal mucosa, make the heating effect. When people wear masks from the body of exhaled air into water when it meets cold on the mask, on the one hand can make the face feel more cold, wet and relatively unsanitary environment on the other hand also the snout of a conducive to people's health. The body's fight cold ability should also exercise to improve step by step. If all day wore masks, nasal cavity and the entire respiratory tract due to less than the cold air contact, not exercise, immunity will slowly drop, instead more susceptible to colds. About wearing masks winter warm myth is first introduced to this! If you have any questions welcome consultation contact us at any time! At the same time, welcome new and old customers came to negotiate and cooperate!
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