Pearl foreign trade garment city, guangzhou city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-12
Pearl garment city is located in guangzhou yuexiu district Station Road, located in guangzhou liuhua garments commercial circle, around all over the famous clothing wholesale market, the domestic and foreign merchants as a cloud, the transportation is convenient. Store business area of two thousand square meters, mainly operating in foreign trade wool knitting clothing, a total of five YingYeLou, shopping malls set for cargo and passenger elevator, central air conditioning systems are installed in the mall, sound system, computer monitor system, smoke alarm automatic sprinkler system. Pearl city &qingdao since set up a business, because of its excellent geographical location and advanced equipment, has attracted many with strength and the presence of a reputable garment enterprises, products quickly opened the domestic and overseas markets, sales of radiation in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Mall and bearing the 'integrity, pragmatic and efficient' management concept, perfecting the management system, to provide customers high quality products and services, keep the pearl city &qingdao and merchants long-term interests. Company believes that the high quality clothing and correct management is the soul of market work, will determine the survival and development of the enterprise. Therefore, after several years of development, the pearl city &qingdao has good business reputation, scientific management, high-quality staff, believe that will have a more brilliant future. Is a good place for the entity shop owner for foreign trade, transportation is very convenient, is next to the liuhua bus station. Pearl garment city foreign trade mainly manages the foreign trade is mainly wool knitted apparel, wholesale building a total of five layers, foreign goods supply is very much, go there take the foreign trade should be cleaned out slowly, carefully tao can find a lot of supply of goods. Bus route: take 231 road, 238 road, 260 road, 275 road 29 52 301 a 301 road, 518 road, 530 road, 552 road, 823 road night 11 road clothing market special line 3 line, get off at the Station Road 57 meters can walk to.
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