Prevent mist haze masks how to choose

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-28
Haze days mask selection has exquisite ordinary mask it PM2. 5 particles. Four common masks and tell you, let you choose better prevent mist haze mask. 1, a one-time 3 layer non-woven surgical masks the effect: can filter the particles in the air, barrier droplets, discharge, etc. Where to buy: ordinary pharmacies and taobao shop, pharmacy price is in commonly 4 yuan/only. Advantages: more breathable, light in weight and easy to carry and cheaper prices. Disadvantages: cut off dust particles, one-time use only. 2, pure cotton cloth masks, 4, 12, 16 layers) Effects: can filter of particulate, barrier droplets, secretions, adsorption ability. Where to buy: ordinary pharmacy, taobao shop, pharmacy price is in commonly 3 yuan/only. Advantages: can be reused after cleaning, the price is cheap. Disadvantages: less porous, allergic skin should not wear; Fiber generally very thick, on 5 micron in diameter dust dust efficiency is limited, only about ten percent; Masks will contact inside the nose and mouth part with saliva, without being cleaned and bacteria. 3, N95 mask type N95 mask, NIOSH ( The national institute for occupational safety and health) Certification of one of the nine anti particles masks. The meaning of 'N' is not suitable for oily particles ( Stir-fry the lampblack is oily particles, and the droplets generated by the people to talk or cough not oily) '95' means, in the NIOSH standard testing conditions, the filtration efficiency reached 95%. N95 is not a specific product name. As long as the N95 standards, and through NIOSH review products can be called 'type N95 mask'. Effect: to prevent droplet infection on PM2. 5 particles have a certain effect. Where to buy: online, the price is generally 20 - 30 yuan. Advantages: there are four pieces of inserting type filter, protection and filtering effect is better. Disadvantages: high density, airtight, the average person would wear uncomfortable. 4, dust mask, Activated carbon mask) Effect: has the certain dustproof, filtration sterilization and the effect of gas, but the PM2. 5 the protective effect of co. , LTD. A total of 4 layers, from the surface to the cotton cloth, dust-proof needle cloth, activated carbon, Filter layer) And honeycomb cotton cloth, filterability, and tend to give a active carbon filter layer is used to change daily. Where to buy: ordinary pharmacy, taobao shop, pharmacy prices generally is 10 yuan/only, there are two types of children and adults. Advantages: adding activated carbon, absorb peculiar smell; Arch shape, joint face curve, wearing more comfortable; Reusable. Disadvantages: not breathe freely, not very convenient to carry.
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