Prevent mist haze masks with the difference between ordinary mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-28
In the winter season is air pollution. Here I introduce shandong Hongyu Apparel medical products co. , LTD. , the production of masks. Now go out without wearing masks, like didn't wear pants. A, the gauze masks when particulate respirator use, is the use of the particles is not the greatest myth gauze masks masks respirators. Respirator of two is the key technical index filtration efficiency and the ability to mask from polluted air, gauze mask filtration efficiency is very low, not only mask also exist obvious leaks. Some people think that prevention is better than no, but if it is useless, it should not be used. Good anti particles mask is suitable for the user not only, more should have a certain comfort and durability, performance in respiratory resistance increased slowly, Large amount of dust capacity) Light, masks, head, it's not easy to loose, mask is not easy to play, nose clip, or head, fixed firmly, without irritating to the skin, etc. Second, the drugstore to buy medical disposable masks are no dice activated carbon masks don't add dustproof effect. Activated carbon can be deducted from the smell, but did not increase the protection of particulate matter. Particle concentration in different environment, particulate nature, use time, prevent particulate respirators should the amount of dust, and different method of use, storage, which affects the service life of the mask. When the particulate mask any of the components damaged, and feel the breathing resistance increased obviously, should scrap the whole mask. Three, prevent particulate mask can not clean in the standard in China, the particulate matter masks were divided into KN and KP. KN type of face mask can filter the oil particles, such as dust, acid fog, mist, microorganisms, etc. KP type of face mask can filter the oil particles, and the filtering oily particles. For example: lampblack, oil mist, etc. Depending on the filtration efficiency, and the difference of 90,95,100, respectively, in the standard of test under the condition of minimum filtration efficiency is 90%, 95%, 99. 97%. PM2。 5 most of particles are not oily particles. ( Automobile exhaust except) We can often see KN90 masks on the market, is under the condition of standard test, filter the oily particles minimum efficiency of 90% of the face mask. Us/eu standards: N99 ( FFP3) To filter is greater than or equal to 99% of the particles. Whether meet the Chinese standard KN90 masks, KP100 masks, or meet the standard of N95 mask, with particulate respirators test is carried out under certain conditions. For evaluating the core of this kind of product performance indicators - Filtration efficiency, is zero. 3 microns of sodium chloride aerosol for test medium. The scientific experiments prove that 0. About 3 micron particles is the most difficult to be filtered particles, the air is greater than or less than zero. 3 micron particles than 0. 3 micron particle filtering easier. In order to 0. 3 micron particles do the test, to get the lowest filter efficiency, use it to evaluate the mask in the actual application can bring protection, is the most secure an estimate.
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