Prisoner Costume - Break Out From the Usual Costume

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-05
So with Halloween not far away, is the jury still out on the right costume to wear? It seems that Halloween is just as much for adults as it is for kids these days. And the best way to get into the Halloween spirit is to dress up in a silly costume. Steer clear of the traditional favorites. You know the ones I'm talking about - Witch, zombie, vampire or pirate costumes. Why not try a prisoner costume? I think there are two types of prisoner costume. There are the old style, black and white stripes convict outfits. And there are the modern, more realistic, penitentiary styled jumpsuits. Each costume has it's own positives and negatives. And, in turn, will appeal to different people. The old school (sorry I mean jail) costumes are slapstick in nature. When was the last time you saw a prisoner dressed in a black and white striped outfit? It's akin to the thief wearing a mask and having a bag over his shoulder with the words swag written on it. It doesn't happen. In fact, I identify the stripy costume with the silent era movies. So the motivation of anyone wearing such a costume is not to scare people but to have some fun. The costume is also easy to wear and comfortable. The modern jumpsuit costume is more of a realistic costume. This can have a darker, scarier motivation behind it. For instance, you can dress as Hannibal Lecter, replete with face mask to be a terrifying party guest. Again the jumpsuit costume is very easy to wear and you can even wear plain clothes under it if you have other plans after the party. This costume is also ideal if you are not keen on wearing a flamboyant costume or don't really like dressing up (just don't wear the mask though).
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