Production technology of activated carbon masks of carbon fiber is introduced

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-21
Activated carbon masks has now become a mainstream masks on the market, activated carbon mask not only can be dustproof, second-hand smoke, odor, more important is can adsorb toxic gases in the air, can better protect our security, but there are a lot of people don't understand how come of, activated carbon is I today to introduce the production technology of activated carbon. Activated carbon by method of production can be divided into physical vapor method and chemical method, emphasize here that the production of water vapor into a physical method, general production process is divided into two, the first step, carbonization and dry under the temperature of raw material from 170 to 600, the same amount of its 80% r organic organization, the second step, activation, will be the first step is carbonized good carbonized material into reactor, and activator and water vapor reaction, to complete the activation process, made into finished products. In the process of endothermic reaction, main produce CO and H2 gas to heat the carbonized material to proper temperature ( From 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius) All, apart from its decomposition, produce abundant pore structure and huge specific surface area, activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity. Different raw material to produce activated carbon with different aperture, among them with minimal aperture coconut shell as raw material of activated carbon, wood activated carbon aperture also generally larger, coal activated carbon pore size between the two. Activated carbon pore size generally fall into three categories: big hole: 1000 - 1 million A transition hole: 20 - 1000 a microporous, 20 a, according to the above features can be seen, according to different object, adsorption to choose corresponding activated carbon, to achieve the best cost performance, therefore, generally in the liquid phase adsorption, should choose more transition pore diameter and average pore diameter larger activated carbon.
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