Professional clothing wholesale market began to try online collaborative development

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-23
Professional clothing wholesale market transition has been a fire at the present time, the market if we do not make the corresponding action may also not line, now offline market business has reached a critical moment must transform, according to the type of guangzhou professional market points to shut down and four kinds of regulation on the move close the low-end market, combined with the fire safety improvement, urban building demolition, municipal road network construction and traffic control, etc. , for low-end market closed or implementation relocation in accordance with the law. At the same time to improve the market trading function and industrial linkage, lead to the exhibition trading center development, promote the traditional professional wholesale market application of e-commerce, and modern ways of distribution to shopping center, mall formats. In quick transformation and upgrading, the guangzhou city &qingdao charming early after 8 LouGaiCheng brand exhibition area, to tour around the country to actively help customers through charming and downstream channel, at the same time in the guangzhou trade fair held in the spring and autumn season 2 and 4 season. Mind-blowing experience upgrading, guangzhou international red fashion brand ladies' fashion city on the first floor, the fifth floor area, the sixth floor the Korean fashion men's area, the ninth floor international fashion men's area, new appearance, at the same time, the digital model of commodity information publicly red to merchants and customers to provide transparent information platform. While at zhanxi road of HuiMei international garment city quietly launched a 3 d mall, many shops directly onto the web site. The 3 d mall is the main function is used for investment promotion, tenant in roaming customers can deepen understanding of property, the shop's location ( Single open, double open, etc. ) The be clear at a glance, pavement width, depth, adjacent to the formats. Because the shop has become so convenient, so HuiMei few vacant shops, and value rising. Site highly realistic 3 d roaming experience, unexpected HuiMei mall entity to attract a large number of offline retail consumers, meet every Friday after work time is white-collar workers friends around HuiMei mall to sweep a bulk goods. Electricity advantage of convenience and low price, no boundary will than entity shop more and more obvious, electricity market share is more and more big, the growth speed will be faster and faster. So entity retail impact will be more and more big. In the face of the menacing online shopping, shop, also must walk O2O mode, but the core is still a customer experience, the application of 3 d technology is a very good try, 3 d website will become the standard in the transformation of guangzhou clothing wholesale market, now has yet to be observed, but what is certain is that 3 d gradually mature, the shop will no doubt once again upset the existing business model. Now have online, offline market also in unceasing innovation let us have a more convenient shopping experience, to meet the consumer's shopping experience, there are competition to have innovation, we want to do business, is about to come up with a better way to let consumer satisfaction.
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