Puning seize the cooperation with Paris, learn to do bigger and stronger

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-26
Puning or I should say I have a little familiar, but I don't quite understand on the other side of the industry, though close to but have never been to before a few times, also don't know if there is a base of clothing, then into the apparel industry just know originally puning also clothing, which is mainly doing over there shirts and pajamas series, I'm more like to wear shirt before, but never care about is where production, then do dress the apparel industry, of course, also want to have a certain understanding, then where is what also can know a little slowly. Puning is one of important textile and garment industry base in China, the puning production of underwear, shirts and pajamas accounts for more than 60% of China's market share, puning international garment city, is the guangdong clothing wholesale market, large monomer based on e-commerce platform, shuangshi garment city last year more than 80 online delivery, turnover amounted to 300 million yuan. Puning a window of China's reform, China took 30 years to build a system of sustainable development of economy and all kinds of industrial system, today China's economy entered a new development period, the transformation of China's economy is, from economic quantity economy towards quality, puning textile clothing to improve the quality and level of the industry. Regional cooperation is the trend of today's global economic and social development, puning and Paris have good foundation of cooperation, the two urban development have much in common, and have their own characteristics and advantages. He suggested that both depth and docking win-win development: one is for the connection of emotion. Establish two visits in consultation with the mechanism, establish a coordination mechanism, the research advance for cooperation between both sides in all fields; The second is for the connection of the association. Contribute to both association ( Business) Can form a friendship association ( Business) Study, investigation, communication and cooperation, economic and trade talks, held in clothing trade fair, fashion week and design competition, etc. ; Three is to realize the industrial docking. Actively seek depth cooperation, puning is working on the planning and construction, a ecology garden covers an area of 6300 mu of textile industry, and plans to use for reference the experience of France, comprehensive will puning now, printing and dyeing, printing enterprises to move into the garden, intensive management, centralized control pollution, realize the production waste water 'zero emissions'; Four is to achieve docking platform. Carrier in the market, electronic commerce, scientific research design, personnel training, to discuss cooperation on financial services platform construction and feasible way to access resources. Paris economic development council has helped many Chinese enterprises to open branches, hope to be able to help more Chinese textile enterprises to improve the design ability, improve the road of the brand. France Chinese textile and apparel association Huang Xiaozhong said, the Chinese textile and apparel association with professional clothing wholesale market in Paris, and keep close economic and trade exchanges with guangdong, many members in guangdong province set up its own factories and design center, the association will work with puning strengthen, their own advantages and resources advantages in the domestic market, create a win-win future. Puning textile and clothing industry will seize this opportunity, cause the international advanced technology, advanced equipment, absorbing foreign experience, strengthen the transformation and upgrading, bigger and stronger, facing the whole country, to the world.
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