Qiu dong black sweater, sweater sticky hairs?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-02
Do you have a special liking to black? Have you ever clothes don't know if solve putting MAO. Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, something important to say again, hong yu clothing today about the action for you. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Pure color round collar stitching pocket t-shirts action 1: the most simple way, with wide scotch tape, cut down a while, to the clothes on, tearing up again, repeat, until there is no viscosity to change a new one. Action 2: down with a wet towel wipe cloth can effectively reduce the fur on her dress. Action 3: there are special cleaning tools, roller, gelatinous washable, have similar double-sided tape to tear. Also try not to wear when wearing a woolly clothing and accessories, wash separately when catharsis, in turn, air is basked in, can avoid contact with other suspended in the air! Action 4: after the clothes to dry, some love touch floc cotton clothes, can find a flooding after wrung-out sponge to wipe the surface of clothes, can easily remove the surface of the clutter. Action 5: surface have sell special sweater in addition to the ball & other Suction wool implement & throughout; , you can go to taobao buy a use. Action 6: most of the time will be sticky hairs because of static electricity, clothes after washing, found above sticky hairs? Can be used to remove electrostatic laundry detergent to immerse, can also play a role. When washing clothes at ordinary times attention, dewatering don't too many times after washing, will not increase electrostatic.
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