Rookie into clothing wholesale market with the how to appear more professional skills and take goods

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-13
To take goods clothing wholesale market, although this is a very common thing, for beginners there are still some need to clarify, for the first time go to clothing wholesale market, entering the line actually don't know some of the principles, dressed as usual, will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble, for example: tan skin redness peeling wear condole belt vest, because wear skirts squatted on the ground to see the goods then steps several times by people because of high-heeled slippers, make five or six hours continuously around tired; So advise you love beautiful MMS, clean out the goods this time don't too care about his appearance, even a little sloppy some of it doesn't matter, there was a sea of people who are rob cargo notice you admire, so convenient, comfortable, relaxed 'outfit', will help you. Took a fancy to the style you may order, pack light will get twice the result with half the effort. You are new entrants, you can look from some words and some dress attire, so those clothing wholesalers one eye can see you are a novice, because mostly dressed as usual, hand also does not have the signature with the trolley, like to ask how much money a when the ask price? How much is this? Or you can take a few pieces, etc. , so meet those unscrupulous wholesalers, particularly in the case of no other people will have to add your price, so the goods don't use the trolley, you can 1 - in his hand 2 wholesale market see the big plastic bags ( Black is given priority to, because of what who could not see; Ask prices are generally ask price, at first I went to also don't know much about the clothing wholesale market, is to ask someone how much is the wholesale price, then heard others are asking how much is the wholesale price, and a few pieces of 10 is also supplied parts is wholesale price, I began to also feel strange, then slowly also become accustomed to, now also don't often go to the clothing wholesale market, but the impression is profound. For new first time replenish onr's stock, often puzzled, don't know what and how much to appropriate, seems to think this line is also; And once again open to take some people tend to rise, some to get the cargo back home again see, left see right to see some not satisfied with the race for some goods. Into the market of clothing styles that call for more than a ah, but a file mouth has several main, other some of the list of goods, but the design is less, but a new color and size, so you've got to plan it will be a model of how much stock right, or else a colour and a size that will have a lot of goods, don't sell yourself, put your warehouse then. Control method is how much money plan to take the goods, if you plan to take you don't take three thousand to four thousand, this can be mandatory to control; Some people say that I don't take, no touch particularly interested, don't take, but in fact you are in that place can help, you'll probably feel difficult to produce at one time with more ideas, may be the wholesaler chief blarney tongue around your will; May also be looking at this style look good, that are nice like this one, with control wallet is very good method. Novice pick at first did not know clothing season time usually two to three months ahead of the market, so you don't look now is sorching summer, but in the manufacturer of the wholesale market has been busy preparing for autumn shirt; If you don't understand this truth, but also to much into summer tail goods, also in the clear goods accounted for a manufacturer for processing of a bargain, when you smile but wholesalers, and the goods you back may also be because of the season for sale is not starting, or demand less influence to the consequences of sales are not ideal. Some novice to pick up goods because don't understand and familiar with the market, so see what others take what take, what to say just in accordance with the opinions of the wholesalers to wholesalers pay, so that no claim to replenish onr's stock goods attitudes tend to cause confusion, it is not easy collocation, more don't talk about personal style, so must be analyzed before go to good business orientation: is taking low or intermediate line hold good taste, shop is doing leisure is given priority to with small lovely lady; But don't stop for this or that kind of difficulties, it's time to have error and error, after experiencing a few times more, will slowly sophistication. I think it still have to plant a fall can truly mature, sometimes look at the others articles have think you won't do such a thing, but I'm really stupid when I was in practice, this case was a lot. Want to see this article after everyone can awake.
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