Scorching sun Xia Jigeng are suitable for wear parent-child outfit to travel

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-22
Modern social relations between people's indifference, intensive workloads make people's working pressure is more and more big, together with some other things outside of work, such as charging, learning, and takes up nearly all of the people outside of work time, free space contraction, time be squeezed at the same time people's emotion was met by extrusion, that in addition to eat, sleep, people's work, study and so on, there is almost no extra free time to accompany the family member, the indifferent relationship between family members. So come here once in a while a parent-child outfit big party also is pretty good close ties of family relations. Alongside the body along with the gender and freedom and carefree parallel restoring ancient ways, make baby with you out of the beautiful elegant demeanor. White T-shirt and black nine minutes of pants either shopping or go to the beach on vacation is very suck people pay attention to a set of leisure parent-child outfit, the fabrics of close skin easily spacious comfortable breathable feel exquisite and rich with short sleeves. Chest fashion cartoon design, the recreational nine minutes of pants down on black white leisure sandals more nifty feeling. Gray condole belt vest and rear arm slender clavicle sexy, wide condole belt design to some extent, shortens the visual perception of shoulder width, the loose version of black plaid pants to cover the imperfect on the leg ministry line. The collocation of grey and black looks low-key composed, strong comfort of fabrics is very suitable for as a clothing appear in the life that occupy the home. Dense white spots decoration and is very popular in recent years, intensive pattern has the same effect. Collocation of white short-sleeved blue shirt and daughter is tie-in, different colors but there is no different in general collocation effect, strength proved that black spot of skirt joker. Emotion is precious in the world, good things, so people are no longer limited to work, also began to seek the freedom of mind, pay more attention to build the warm family. Parent-child outfit is the product of the birth of the historical condition, it catered to the trend of The Times, so quickly. Loose round collar design that dress not too tight, with Chinese wind facebook design is definitely eye-catching highlights, pink coat black slacks and summer fashion collocation and coordinate each other, fashionable English letters my facebook combination printing ornament is easily the most effective tools for travel. Attention can't wear this kind of parent-child outfit don't think so, can't be bored with stripes, fashion trend in black and white red stitching, printed letters, chest ornament personality with the classic black shorts and casual sneakers, summer fashion, only you can't.
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