Seemingly simple suit of highly developed market in the tourism industry today is a big cake

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-05
Summer we go to the seaside tourism, of course, can't forget is a swimsuit, some people always want to go to the seaside tourism swimsuit ready for family first, so you don't have to be in the sea to find places to buy a swimsuit, or sell but can not find a suitable size, and swept the mood of tourism. And from the perspective of the clothing wholesale market of we know, most of them are based on ordinary daily life is given priority to, as if to say professional swimsuit wholesale market, I really don't know where it should be. Although the usefulness of swimsuit may also use in to go to the beach to wear, sales of time may be shorter, but the swimsuit consumption will keep growth situation in our country, to become one of China's garment industry grow larger industries. Calculated at an average 100 yuan a swimsuit, so conservative estimate, finished bathing suit industry in China more than 20 billion yuan, not including the industrial chain of supporting industries. If sustained growth, the swimsuit industry reached 50 billion yuan is absolutely possible. Domestic market will have such a large space, coupled with foreign market opportunities is greater than challenges, according to statistics, last year China's swimsuit consumption of about 200 million, about one 5 of the world's swimsuit consumption, seventy percent of the world a swimsuit from China. Now we also is more and more people go abroad travel, we go abroad is not want to see the beach outside, also often see them in some programs also go to some coastal city of enjoyment and relaxation, I think will be more and more, so the demand for swimwear are likely to rise, some domestic coastal city will be more and more tourists, whenever festivals are always crowded with people on the beach. As conditions mature some of our community will also have a swimming place, and some other large amusement parks also have swimming places, there are so much we're not a size is more convenient for two sets of bathing suit. Swim all the year round is not a rare thing; In recent years, the hot spring industry market by leaps and bounds, go out all the year round is a very healthy activity, especially in winter. Like leisure vacation, close to nature, will often fly to the island to enjoy the sunshine bath, in recent years many of picking the autumn and winter holiday abroad, enjoy the sun in the southern hemisphere. Compared in order to meet the requirement of their summer swimsuit, colour slants composed some new season model. Swimsuit price also is very not unified, more high-grade swimsuit is given priority to with Hong Kong brand price is in 350 yuan, high-end professional swimsuit 800 multivariate. Clothing wholesale market in 25 ~ 45 yuan swimsuit of the mainstream of a less known and inferior brand, producing area in the majority with guangdong, zhejiang. Brand swimwear origin is liaoning province and Qingdao prices range from 20 to 60 yuan. Huludao city swimsuit production enterprises 427, annual output of 1 swimsuit. 500 million ( Set) , products are exported to Russia, America, southeast Asia more than 20 countries and regions, such as product sales accounted for more than a third of the domestic market share, more than one 5 of the international market share, for the swimsuit industry is becoming the world's attention. Don't really know before swimsuit and professional industrial base, it is know that there are such a thing on the market, but don't know where is produced. Some areas are in the production of swimsuit in before, but think of swimsuit sales time is short, can sell only the summer months, then gave up a suit of production, and other cities do up, and now the market is big, will feel missed what? Opportunities and challenges coexist, once is missed may regret also cannot be redeemed.
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