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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-29
Dust mask respiratory protective parts of tension, in order to avoid damage to body form harmless gas enters the respiratory tract, deal with some of the people who work in the dust in case things, dust mask is especially nervous. Small make up tension for everyone: introduce the contents of two aspects for the dust mask, contains selected wear some points, if necessary, my friends, never put into a miss this time, the hard choices, in order to better the cover of the respiratory tract. Dust mask, can also according to the literal meaning to stop. It is the function of the nervous atmosphere in particulate materials, such as stop attacking, avoid these harmless material into our bodies. It has the function of the differences in masks differences tension is made up of its data to stop discrimination, its tension using field, there are three kinds of tension has great use in coal industry, and to deal with things for coal safety people, often in the case of the dust around, to is their more necessary so much dust mask to stop the protection. Second, dust mask in choose to wear pay attention to the point. The comrades want to purchase dust mask, storage space than the dust mask as soon as possible the necessary to pay attention to the location in the choose and buy. At the moment of choice only you can really may control these aspects must be able to choose and buy to properly own masks, now to give you a detailed introduction of small make up. (1) the first is the dustproof effect of dust mask intended to deal with requests a higher type of work, dust prevention is necessary to reach must request to be a better dust. Scale as the simple case of 5 microns, if need higher is necessary protection diameter can perhaps dust in the scales for the following to stop protection. (2) dust mask and face as they come together, in the moment of choose and buy, dust mask should be able to arrive and face must be fit, if can't meet, may be dust will through the process of these leisure into the respiratory tract, which affects the function of dust.
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