Self-built factory vs. outgoing factory? Foreign trade clothing factory tell you!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-16
Dongguan hong yu garment co. , LTD is located in dongguan, panyu district NaCun Town banqiao village hungnam avenue - 715 2, the factory covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, equipped with 20 professional sample production workshop, the factory introduced advanced production equipment, and through ISO9001 quality system certification, 200 parking Spaces divided into 10 different production team workers, is a large foreign trade garment factory in dongguan, panyu district can rapid production, and can meet the small batch, short cycle of flexible supply. Foreign trade clothing factory in Europe and the pure color Mosaic do custom jacket pocket brief paragraph coat, oneself do a workshop is good processing, or outsource to other factory to do? First of all have to admit that a premise, namely: a shop/enterprise's resources are limited, money and time, in here, there should not be used. So, how to allocate resources is the key of the custom operators. Simple, do your own factory/workshop is obvious: the benefits of production is his own team, time limit for a project in theory will be more assured, and, for technology, accessories have what idea, can be implemented at any time. But the two have been custom shop owner must consider: foreign trade clothing factory in Europe and the new leisure falbala stitching a pure cardigan coat, self-built factory must be beneficial to build its own unique competitiveness because self-built factory must be greater than is the cost of outsourcing. In this world, always have a truth: professional professional team to do, and the bigger the amount is the more economies of scale. Maybe a custom shop owner would say, I hire people, buy materials, the cost of a suit may be as long as 400 yuan, much cheaper than on the outside processing. The question is: site cost, equipment depreciation cost, investment, cost of capital all these into account, the results may not be the same. And, the management of the factory management are two different things, with custom shop to manage both sides at the same time, means that the boss wants the distraction, or more tired, either side can do less than perfect. Of course, is acceptable in the case of a: is the self-built factory will create its own unique competitiveness. Such as delivery fast, oneself can do fast delivery to 1 ~ 2 days, it will be more flexible to repair. Or such as strengthen the integration of information flow. Are within its own system, can be done using a set of system, the more information link can give customers more timely remind: such as clothing factory has order, delivery, etc. Sharing and customer size to the customer. All of these, if can improve the goodwill of customers to your store/brand, and cost control, through the assessment increase its customer base and market share, then it is worth doing. Otherwise, that is: 2, less is more custom shop/brand is more like a small micro enterprise, turnover is small, the ability and resources are limited. Business competition rivalry is efficiency, that is, their money, time, able to mobilize resources, as well as the overall resources use efficiency. In the current circumstances, the processing link is close to market and competition fully, in suits, shirts, casual pants, such as category, actually has more mature. In the factory to do the current mature product quality premise, it is hard to imagine a small workshops of product quality can reach the same level. Like apple to such a large, also can outsource production to foxconn's professional production companies, apple will be profoundly realize: design, development, marketing themselves perfectly, and can get more market share and profit. Because they also do production, likely on the design, research and development input energy will decrease, and market share will reduce, will also reduce profits. Less is more, which would require the enterprise to do fine, do their own good at field, do less, in the end, may be more success. Some brand in the industry has ten years development, it is said that in the third year or so, make your own over a period of time the shirt factory, trying to about a year later, determined to give up, the energy to focus on marketing and customer service. The brand has become a revenue performance and reputation in the industry's top brands. To do a small shop/brands, whether self-built or outsourcing, to respect and understand the processing team. To find the right processing factory, fully trust them, like their own factories, how to get to know them.
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