Senior foreign trade dress customized processing plant: 2019 foreign trade is more suitable for what kind of person?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-06
Prepare into the line or into the foreign trade soon, my friends, might as well think about what direction problem, perhaps next foreign trade career more helpful. Dongguan foreign trade dress customized processing factory in the first place, career development direction, the foreign trade is your true love? Work is the carrier of life, for it is one of the biggest thing in my life, and the work relative to the life, will bring you more of a sense of accomplishment, is a long period. Work so the choice of direction, it is very important, if do the foreign trade this option is used, or have no choice, or contact down to find a place to work is pain and sufferings, foreign trade is not your true love, had better look before you leap. Don't see anybody else to do the foreign trade to make money, a excited he came in, this call to follow suit. Second, mental character development direction, in other words match your personality? Do sales people have a pet phrase, customer abuse me thousands times, I treat customers like the first love. Do foreign trade should also add a little, that is, change the customer to the boss, freight forwarders, suppliers, commodity inspection, customs, policies, and these can abuse you flesh, bad times they together abuse you, think about feel very acid bright, right? Compressive ability to do foreign trade, therefore, must be stronger, to be super good at self channel, will be to manage emotions and stress, but also has a very extraordinary perseverance. Do foreign trade, therefore, the best high emotional intelligence, communication skills, studied psychology so much the better. If natural disposition not strong, nothing like alarmist, occupy a face of meng force, when busy always feel more difficulties than way, spare time don't know how to study and work, that is in the business of foreign trade will think twice and then think twice. Dongguan hong yu garment co. , LTD. Foreign trade clothing autumn new fund, has the resources and knowledge level, decided to the direction of the industry you love. Resources determines your depth of understanding of an industry, the developing direction of the industry is closely related to the trend. With high technical content, brand awareness of the industry, no matter how bad environment, will have a place in the market. This recommendation also gives a lot of people who want to SOHO, according to their own interest, combining with the existing resources to development, ideal would be to do foreign trade. 2, platforms and products industry direction after finalized, the rest is according to their own career planning, to choose what kind of platform and into the product. What find that product? Looking for a product of the market, feel like crap. Find a demand is not big, but the market is not competitive less popular products, such products with high profit margins. If it threshold is low, the capital requirements of small products, also is your food. If you just want to honestly at senior salesman, can withstand a certain degree of pressure, but do not want to make oneself too much pressure, then go big platform, high pretend bility of foreign enterprise, or some high technical threshold large state-owned enterprises also is your food. So, for his career development planning and ideas you want to clear, first of all know what you want, and then to work hard to achieve. For you to choose the company, products have very big help. Work ideas and methods, decided to the direction of your customer development a lot of people like to complain, why I've been trying, also have a lot of perseverance, always adhere to the customer development, but the effect is far worse than others? The root of the confusion they live in their own ideas in the efforts of the state not to constantly adjust according to the results, not to product research, don't do market research and customer analysis, at best just repeat some meaningless things every day, then unconsciously himself was tried foreign trade & other; The old man & throughout; A person's thought and method, determine success rate. Before ready to develop the customer, please do the following: first, A solid learning product knowledge, 1) In English fluently speak products production process, manufacturing processes, quality control of every process, prone to quality defects, yield and cost accounting. ( 2) Understanding to the product scope of application: mainly involved in the industry, customer focus on application performance, on the international mainstream industry standards, product standards. Again, express it in English. ( 3) The main brands on the market, their product advantage? The country's main competitors, what are the competitive advantages and disadvantages respectively? Market research activities, decided to your breadth development. B, study the needs of customers, determine your success rate in addition to daily customer development, customer development whether serious potential key customers research website, the depth study of their product demand? This is you the depth of the development. If can use the data analysis, to capture product application in the field of industry and proportion, can be clear you should develop customers in where? As a new new mankind, master data analysis ability, for the choice of development direction, can achieve twice the result with half the effort. From 1 to 3 C, competitive advantage in target customers of the company ( Different industries, different countries customers, pay attention to the quality of the performance will not be the same) Your supply capability, design different versions of the market development strategy, and make a detailed execution plan, details and steps. Once here, what direction basically can end, more detail on things, subsequent constantly adjust according to the practice. Time is limited, life is short, the more beneficial thinking and less loss of boredom, make your work more & other; Depth & throughout; .
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