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Several problems of non woven masks

Several problems of non woven masks


Types of non-woven masks


There are two types of non woven masks as respiratory protective products. One is made of cotton-free absorbent gauze or knitted fabric, and the middle is a variety of non-woven fabrics; the other is directly made of Made of non-woven fabric. And now the new non-woven masks are made of non-woven materials on the front and back, and a layer of filter paper will be sandwiched between them, so that the filtering effect of the non-woven masks can be improved.


Advantages of non-woven masks


1. The air permeability is good, and the non-woven fabric has better air permeability than other fabrics, and if the non-woven fabric is mixed with filter paper, its filterability will be better; at the same time, the water absorption and waterproof effect of the non-woven mask Much better than gauze masks;


2. The non-woven fabric mask has good stretchability. Even if it is stretched from left to right, it will not appear messy. It has a good feel and is very soft. Even if it is washed many times, it will not harden under the sun. Non-woven fabric masks have great elasticity and can return to their original shape after long-term use.


Disadvantages of non-woven masks


Non-woven masks have lower strength and durability than other types of masks, and they are also not washable. If they are not used properly, they are prone to tearing. Secondly, the protection level of non-woven masks is low. After all, the material manufacturing process is relatively basic. Non-woven masks are basically unable to protect in the event of an epidemic or haze.

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