Shantou city, guangdong province hualian clothing market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-07
Shantou hualian clothing market is located in shantou chaoshan road opposite the bus station in prime locations, the prosperous clothing wholesale business center, convenient transportation, bus lines surrounding the dense, more than 100000 visitors every day, this is mainly to do wholesale service, there are a lot of clothing wholesale, of course, if is a large number of wholesale, the price must be cheaper, the garment quality here feel generally, style also good. The price is relatively cheaper, also have plenty here. From the women's, men's clothing to the children's clothing, from high prices to parity, all this can be in the clothing wholesale market of jin area facility purchasing, after 20 years of market baptism, jin area clothing wholesale market is moving toward large-scale, standardization, branding direction. Put forward in the area this year, will promote the development of modern service industry to speed up, continue to promote all kinds of production materials professional market and the integration of large-scale wholesale market. Shantou city hualian clothing wholesale market in the operating area of 4500 square meters, has 150 shops. Because the transportation is convenient, bus lines surrounding the dense, more than 100000 visitors a day, around on the good business opportunities here, 2010 trucks corporation invested 70 million yuan in the construction of small commodity wholesale market down the apricot blossom road. Built the small commodity wholesale market, dock with the station each other clothing wholesale market, formed in the bus station around a large-scale operation, standardized management of commodity and clothing wholesale business circle. Jin area has a profound cultural background and good business environment, a solid clothing wholesale market. With deep mansion railway, the traffic is convenient, sent a steady stream of passenger flow for the jurisdiction, the area is take this opportunity to make clothing and other large wholesale market integration of ascension. Such as hualian clothing wholesale market is working with a company information technology, integration of online resources, into the electronic commerce; Small commodity wholesale market in the bus station will be prudent domestic 17 provinces ( Municipalities directly under the central government) Passenger bus, give full play to the convenient traffic conditions, it caused 'yiwu' shantou city and even the guangdong region.
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