Share masks phenomenon of improper use

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-25
Prevent mist haze masks have strict requirements on size, disinfection. Many masks is not pure cotton yarn support, contains a lot of polyester fiber, light some figure isolation gauze only 2 ~ 4 layer, it is difficult to effectively filter the virus in the air and dust, and some masks is too big or too small, can't precision comfortable wrapped in the face, so without cavity air filter is sucked into the human body. Improper use of masks phenomenon: 1, the nostril dew outside of the mask. It's lost masks to protect the respiratory tract 'barrier' role. Should be able to cover your mouth and after wearing, nose, and eyes most of the area below. 2, put masks hang in the ear or on the chin. Hair, chin, neck exposed to air, from the dust, bacteria are likely to stick to a mask layer, the next wearing, easy cause respiratory tract infection. 3, wearing a mask for a long time, don't pick. If wearing a mask for a long time, can make the nasal mucosa become fragile, lost original nasal physiological function. Mask can only put in the special environment, for example, in the winter of influenza epidemics, go to public places, there may be a large number of germs is supposed to wear a mask. Above is the mask mask manufacturers to introduce the phenomenon of improper use, we hope you can avoid when using.
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