Shaxi leisure garment city, zhongshan city, guangdong province

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-06
Zhongshan shaxi leisure garment city specializing in the casual dress is the first large-scale professional market. Zhongshan shaxi leisure garment city set wholesale, costume design, processing, sales, settlement, information dissemination, dress culture and leisure consumption. Zhongshan shaxi leisure garment city covers an area of 6. 30000 square meters, the main building three layer, construction area of 5. Area of 80000 square meters, 1200 shops, parking lot 1. 10000 square meters, 500 parking Spaces. Clothing city has information center, customs declaration, transportation center, meal, network service center, business conference center, warehousing center, property management, industrial and commercial tax financial center, etc. In guangdong zhongshan, shaxi leisure clothing, gushing of cowboy, the conventional small underwear, these three major production bases formed the zhongshan clothing advantage resources, at the same time in zhongshan, there is a place of not tell to you, good resource can also can appear here & # 8212; - This is zhongshan, guangdong province three township. Zhongshan shaxi leisure garment city set wholesale, costume design, processing, sales, settlement, information dissemination, dress culture and leisure consumption. Zhongshan city is a major of Chinese leisure clothing production base, the leisure clothing brand enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. In order to further promote the development of the Chinese leisure clothing for the challenges and opportunities faced by the 'wto', zhongshan city as gathered production base of leisure clothing brands at home and abroad, the people's government of zhongshan city, Chinese clothing association and China fashion designers association on 27 October 2000 solstice on November 5, in guangdong province zhongshan shaxi garment city together hold '2000 zhongshan international leisure garments festival' and famous Chinese leisure clothing exhibition weeks. During, will be held in the industry of large costume culture activities. Will gather at the appointed time, many domestic and foreign leisure clothing brands shaxi, communicate with each other is a leisure garment industry event at a time. Processing as the 'three to fill a' start of shaxi leisure apparel industry in China, spread the concept of leisure and leisure clothing popular culture, promote the innovation in the industry technology development and management, has brought the Chinese leisure clothing industry changes to the product, market, quality, etc. Today, shaxi town leisure clothing industry facilities, numerous enterprises, information developed, supporting industry, logistics flow, embodies the distinctive features of industrial cluster. Gross big promotion, in addition to the garment industry in the next ten years of development planning, shaxi town will also be strong construction, including 'Chinese national dress expo pavilion', five key projects, respectively is: shaxi China T-shirt city asiaworld-expo, Chinese national costumes, Chinese leisure culture creative park, Chinese leisure clothing manor, shaxi leisure clothing culture square. Bus route: take bus 17 1 48 road, 76 road, 79 road to the shaxi garment city ( Shaxi one plus one) Get off to walk 157 meters to take 1 48 road bus 79, get off at the shaxi town walk 308 meters bus 17 to the market to get off to walk 453 meters
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