Shenzhen nanyang international clothing wholesale city in guangdong province

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-06
Shenzhen nanyang international wholesale city located in luohu district, shenzhen city, 2016 build way, nanyang inside the building, and established in 1985 and have two 28 floors of the building, the commercial and office building in a 10 second floor, is a mainly operating Europe, Japan and South Korea clothing clothing wholesale market in shenzhen. Shenzhen nanyang international wholesale city, the facilities are all modern, there are electronic monitoring, elevator, central air conditioning, etc. , and a large parking lot, clothing facilities such as commercial Banks, freight center, transportation is convenient, the subway, the train station is very close, attracted numerous power businesses in Japan and South Korea. Shenzhen nanyang international wholesale city, the mode of operation is given priority to with wholesale, and retail, also taking is high-grade clothing line, inside the market occupancy of nearly hundred, Japanese, Korean, fine ladies, and many are Japan's well-known brand women's clothing, South Korea famous women's clothing brand, which is the high-quality goods of women's clothing wholesale mall. Actually shenzhen nanyang international wholesale clothing design in shenzhen city circles are referred to as 'nanyang, here called Europe, Japan and South Korea, are shenzhen local design of their own design, some of them are from international brands, some of them are copied Han Guodong door market of goods, is the main super Han Guodong cargo door, the Japanese goods almost no, euro goods have a little bit, but stores to wholesalers, foreign imports of goods in Europe, in fact is shenzhen clothing factories processing workers, mostly wholesalers don't know the truth, believe. In taobao search Europe stood there will be a lot of similar goods, under the fool of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, shop sellers all think this is the real European goods, consumers see three marks on the clothing are written in English, also feel is Europe's goods. These tags are not sophisticated, was so foreign products. The goods came out from the factory to a wholesaler will double the price of 2 - in his hand Three times, to the consumer is likely to be 6 - in his hand Eight times. Such as cost 50 pieces of t-shirts, becomes or to the consumer. But they also show off their bought European goods and jolly. Because of the rise of Internet shopping now, nanyang wholesale market business has become more and more difficult, including guangzhou, hangzhou, wuhan clothing market in imitation of nanyang, nanyang price competition is becoming more and more fierce. Bus route: take bus 101 25 b line 300 range 307 road b307 k302 road k307 n5 n4 interchange road road to build way, walk 84 meters to subway line to Edison lobao guomao station, by D walk 200 meters
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