Shenzhen station new business circle formation will promote the development of the nearby clothing wholesale

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-14
Shenzhen is one of our economic developed cities, there is also a special economic zone, do what all is different from the other mainland cities, and we all know the train can bring regional economic growth, we also talked before zhengzhou railway station in the business circle has been described as the train to the city, around in the train station can be said to be the economic prosperity, all kinds of service will be around at the train station. And we also know that there are several railway station in shenzhen, shenzhen east station opened this time, is also the buji railway station will also form new business circle, the shops here nature with fire up, advertising shop what is overwhelming for example buji street, railway station 2 years can turn 1. 5 million, stable return on investment and appreciation potential advertising came out of it all at once. But new business circle that is a must, predictable buji area is expected to become the new transportation center in the future, more can be based on shenzhen radiation throughout the country. Information about shenzhen station has been in the pass, but how long the exact message also has not yet been put out, some businessmen are also considering, although say ads is very loud and clear, but the opening time has been just legend, the official did not disclose when just opened to traffic, so a lot of investors also dare not rashly. But open to traffic on the news a lot of people sit through the ran to a nearby to buy stores, shops than he look before, up thirty percent. With buji put into use after the completion of the railway station, the traffic is more and more big, the opportunity will follow, a new district will also arises at the historic moment, the citizens of shenzhen commercial housing and shops near the station, the attention is gradually warming the original try so hard to sell a few shops are now wu contract-signing process, some business circle and even a shop is hard to find. Have the experience of the guangzhou railway station, beside the business circle, how can have less clothing wholesale market? Located in the railway station across the library horse clothing wholesale city was preparing for the upcoming travel peak. Currently kumar extremely tight clothing wholesale city unit, with analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks buji near the station location will help clothing wholesale industry development, and form a virtuous cycle of business circle. Kumar clothing wholesale city staff said here only a few minutes to drive into the luohu district, as well as seamless docking luohu, can attract tourists from all over the country through transport hub, for the development of clothing wholesale market laid a good foundation. Railway station really open to traffic, we delivery the goods are easy, but how afraid didn't market? Then rising rents are inevitable and buji run up to the railway station, will attract more customers, merchants also anxiously await this day, form a complete set of services will also be helpful. Ever been to guangzhou railway station knows, beside a lot of clothing wholesale market, here every day someone from a different place to replenish onr's stock, set some goods can also be a night train back in the day, so that we can stay good for stock trader to save time, believe that the shenzhen station not to will be the formation of such patterns, but clothing is also have the characteristic and advantage of clothing prices, played the profile will be more and more people come here to purchase. Believe that as long as the quality of the clothing also will lead customers to order, after all, there are also many clothing wholesale market in shenzhen, you can also go shopping for a market to other markets, went to may find a lot of unexpected high quality clothing.
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