Shilong town, dongguan city, guangdong province, clothing wholesale market colorful clothing wholesale city

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-09
Colorful clothing wholesale mall, covers an area of about 15000 square meters, more than 1000 shops, using star hao of supporting facilities and modern business planning, investment threshold is not high. There are from Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan, fujian, guangzhou, the strength of the clothing brand merchants group strong Allies. The scale, intensive sex of 7 colour fills the dongguan shilong no big new generation core business circle brand clothing wholesale mall is blank. Shilong town, dongguan colorful clothing wholesale city is currently the shilong luxurious, high-grade clothing wholesale city, the main products: clothing. Shilong town, on November 17, 2007, 7 colour try clothing wholesale city industry and the new silk road model brand fashion show was held, let the shilong has once again become the focus of China and the world textile clothing industry. Shilong garments in dongguan and will have a great effect on the surrounding cities in the northeast. Shilong town, according to a relevant controller introduces, 'it's going to be the shilong luxury, high-grade clothing wholesale city', especially the new station location shilong, dongguan shilong town as the waterway transportation hub of dongguan in the northeast, in a year or so, set up big jade-like stone, mouths, 7 colour, zte four clothing wholesale city. Colorful clothing wholesale mall has been committed to exploring the professional clothing wholesale market group of medium and long-term strategic development in the information age, actively build traditional wholesale trading system and the combination of e-commerce market. Gradually guide the market operation way of way to trade from the traditional to the modern diversified development, give play to the role of network platform, to realize the coexistence of physical and electronic sales sales model. Colorful clothing wholesale mall, integrate the clothing characteristic blocks the wholesale market resources, the market in every market and brand new clothing, synchronous online, let buyers, especially restricted by geographical, time, energy, cost of small and medium-sized wholesalers clothing ( Including physical stores and online stores) Only through the website can get online inquiry, order, procurement, payment, agent, drop shipping service. Face more than tens of millions of Internet users in the domestic market, the website for everybody opens a network marketing channel, and never leave home buyers can purchase clothing circulation channels source, clothing styles and prices of clothing wholesale market, to save time. Bus route: the route 20 is recommended. 5 km C3 road air conditioning air conditioning 21-87 road. 47 road 4 km air conditioning air conditioning 17-87 road. 2 km road 25 air conditioning - 87 air conditioning
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