Shishi clothing is entering a key moment of the business model transformation and upgrading of industrial structure

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-03
For more than 30 years of reform and opening-up, shishi city textile garment industry from scratch, gradually accumulated more than ten billion yuan of industrial cluster. Shishi textile and clothing industry output value of 50 billion yuan in 2011, accounts for over 60% of the city's total industrial output. Spinning the clothing industry can stabilize rebound, the transformation and upgrading of the success, is a matter of shishi global economy. Shishi spinning clothing industry of the era of big transformation, presents what state? The local government role in the industrial transformation? Statistics show that in the first three quarters of last year, the scale of shishi textile and clothing industry output growth above 25. Delivery of 40 5%, exports. 26 100 million yuan growth. 8%, achieved strong growth momentum. Signs show that the post-crisis era of shishi textile and garment industry, has set foot on the transformation and upgrading of the rapid train all the way forward. To shishi clothing in my memory, it's probably an men's wear, that's when I began to try to do taobao shop, I also try to find some clothing wholesale network see if there are suitable for the supply of goods, at this time there was a stone lion remember the nice men's wear brand, oneself also is to have to buy this brand of clothing before, think the quality is good so give it a try and then make your own clothing wholesale, found in our side there are some men's clothing supplies are from shishi over there, so the special deep impression of the men over there. But don't know whether now or men's clothing is over there. Say shishi clothing is so developed, garment industry admittance threshold low race to enter, every open factory is one of the main peak shishi city and countryside at that time. It was a crazy era, the wealth of pent-up passions explode, unstoppable, large and small textile and garment manual mill began in shishi villages and streets. When it comes to the time of the entrepreneurial zeal, when the hot stocks open factory, has a profound economic background. In the 80 s to 90 s, the Chinese society is in shortage economy era, as long as you can to produce the products, don't worry about sales. Due to the stone lions have many textile clothing wholesale market, plants can be implemented to sales, reduce expensive shipping costs. A batch of putian, jiangxi outsiders flock also choose to open factory in shishi. In today's shishi spinning clothing enterprise, putian still has more than 1000 people. Around 1998 spinning of shishi clothing industry is impacted by the Asian financial crisis, after a short period. At the end of 2001, China officially joined the WTO, because both comparative advantage such as labor, land, resources and so on, the spinning of shishi clothing exports, welcomed a unprecedented 'wave'. After 2001 because of the widespread use of large textile and garment mechanization and promotion, big XiaoFang shishi clothing companies continue to expand production capacity, the spinning of shishi clothing industry has entered a rapid expansion of production capacity. This time, although the product is stuck, a decline in margins per unit product soon, but due to the marketing environment is good, and have a steady stream of capacity to do security, 'the meager profit but high turnover' mode, the total corporate profits are still in the high speed growth. And, during this period, the extroverted degree of shishi spinning clothing industry is rising year by year, even more than 50%, annual output value of more than 25% of high growth. 2008 of the international financial crisis, the international market demand shrinking at a draught, under the condition of weak domestic demand, the shishi textile and garment industry cluster to mid-range, began full highlight the problem of excess production capacity. Never before appeared high inventory, zero profit even loss began sweeping. Actually not only profit fell on this side shishi clothing, apparel industry of the country's profits are falling, the economic crisis on the impact of China's garment industry are high, but I believe that by adjusting the shishi clothing will surely have a better tomorrow.
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