Shishi on strength and credibility of men's out of the international road

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-03
Most of us are more concerned about women's wear, men's wear actually also has the important influence, but some people say that women's clothing line can I do, and if the development of clothing the most cities of China, is a women's clothing is given priority to, few as men's clothing of the industry to the development of the region, the lion is a special, before I bought a lot of men are from there, but it is my online, offline market shishi menswear account for how much there is no statistics, comparing me to said although most places are doing women's clothing, but men's clothing or can find several sporadic, where the humen women's so strong, also can find to do men's clothing business, and the number is not little still. Although I am not been to shishi, but of men's clothing I still went through a lot of thing the shishi, with the continuous development of men's clothing of shishi, diligently do ring brand in recent years, the clothing terminal in the domestic market share continued to expand. In order to adapt to the new clothing brand development needs, they focus on product development and brand operation, consciously developing manufacturing partners, will be a lot of orders to have strength and good reputation in the province production enterprises, their focus on pays special attention to the research and development and terminal market, gradually took to the road of the international brand operation. Now the stone lion has stopped in the market of men's feet, bend down they want to hit a group of men's wear brand, they to do brand promotion and operation, the production and processing it in the hands of other people to do it, because they already have years of experience in menswear, know how the future of men's way to go, how to improve the quality of the clothing and apparel value, these are all after continuous exploration to find a sustainable development road. Shishi before doing the processing and production of men's clothing for others, now the production process for local or other provinces to do OEM, they mainly take the men's clothing brand, and clarify the product directly after production in other places on the local market, it also can remove a lot of freight, garment production, after all, is to flow out. After these years of exploration to upgrade path, a small number of enterprises have walked out of their own style, there will be more enterprise transformation, thereby giving impetus to the overall upgrade of industry.
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