Short of girls dress collocation

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-04
【 Dress manufacturers - dongguan - The little girl's dress taboo 】 Small MM on the clothing modelling need more effort to than tall MM oh! Not very high, but beg without work. Dongguan dress manufacturers today bring you little girl's dress code. Little girl dress code: a colour is too disorderly dress should not forget that foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, so for the little girl is not very satisfied with the height of a visual focus away from the body. If color is overweight, too cluttered, grandiose, no color, adverse to the little girl make a figure. The little girl's dress code 2: pencil skirt show curve, is the path to a woman's dress. Is petite you originally, single wear a pencil skirt, is an absolute nightmare came down, can not see the waist line, show not to come out of the curve. Wear waist design of dress, the little girl dressed up the shape of the curves, shift, ignore the little small faults. The little girl's dress code 3: flat shoes perfect leg ministry line, the little girl needs a cultivate one's morality pants and a pair of high heels. No pants, can use the hot pants instead. But, the value of high heels is any item is irreplaceable. High heels is the little girl's big savior, flat shoes has become taboo. Was a small, flat shoes, it's more like it? Comfortable, thick with high heels perfect leg ministry line, foil a small girl very high oh! Dongguan dress manufacturers comments on little girl's dress code is the most important of these three points, can want to pay attention to the small girl oh.
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