Short sleeve T-shirt used materials

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-04
As Europe and the United States women's clothing OEM small make up today t-shirts to popularize the use of materials, the use of the material is very broad, with short sleeves ordinary hemp, wool, cotton, silk, chemical fiber and its blended fabric, especially, it is better to pure cotton, linen or cotton blended with a breathable, comfortable, soft, cool, absorb sweat, heat dissipation, etc. Often for knitwear with short sleeves, but due to the demand of consumer is constantly changing, paint manufacturing is increasingly innovation, thus, to woven lining made short sleeves are numerous and complicated, become a new member of the clan with short sleeves. Europe and the United States women's stick a card to tell you this often choose rib collar or rib sleeve with short sleeves and rib hem, and decorated by machine embroidery, trademarks, shows the great clothing paint already, also make the short sleeve show originality, increased the dress is beautiful. In woven lining with short sleeves, preferred to have a soft, light, smooth features such as real silk fabrics. Use simulation silk polyester silk or washed nylon silk made in short sleeves, such as supplemented by with best, make the short sleeve increases the special style and artistic charm, by young men and women of love. In addition, there are the inferior spun rayon spun rayon and staggered, the peach skin of the special treated simulation silk, wool polyester warp of pure silk, spun silk is to choose the ambition of lining, with short sleeves more affordable pure cotton fabric has become the darling of the short sleeve lining. It has a natural, relaxed, comfortable dressing and absorb sweat, breathable, for the skin not allergic reactions, such as characteristics, in the share of the largest, with short sleeves satisfaction piao guizhen, advocating natural mind pleas. Europe and the United States women's clothing OEM tell you because of the short sleeve T-shirt is everybody on various occasions to wear clothing, style also changed slightly, make appropriate ornament, such as on the short sleeve can increase the infinite charm. Choose oily signature in the light of short sleeve write letters in English or Chinese phonetic alphabet or the names of the idols in the heart, also can draw on several brief brief strokes and filled with enthusiasm, is free and easy and special. Also can choose the color yarn in short-sleeved two sleeve pick the biltong small broken flower or a brief on the geometry, seem don't have a flavor. Also can put the two different designs of longitudinal cut in half, with short sleeves exchange after the best sewing up, can constitute a special style. Under the old no longer wear short-sleeved along the cut out a circle, can be applied as a hair band, natural and unrestrained on the head of the young women, are increasingly appear lively and lovely, filled with the romantic emotional appeal. After these processing and manufacturing, can make the short sleeve add infinite charm.
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