Should consider several aspects of the clothing store stock

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-16
Replenish onr's stock is likely to be more common for us one thing, some stock may not have the rule, but it's good business may also have no problems to which attention should be paid to research, business until suddenly one day not oneself also can't find the reason, we even when business is good also want to learn some more clothes replenish onr's stock of knowledge, and applied to the actual stock that could make your business better, what problems should be considered that garment stock? The first point: color in most of the information exposure, according to the research shows that the human to accept outside information, about 83% of the amount of information from the visual, 11% from 3 hearing. 5% comes from the sense of smell, there is 1. 1% 5% from touch from the sense of taste, so clothes color to people how important in the process of choosing the dress. According to the common sense the customer at the first sight clothes, because the distance is relatively far, the first impression must be attractive in the color of the clothes, because the visual conflict, clothes design impact is not particularly big. Clients are have a preference on color, the color will affect the customer's attention and interest and even affect the mood. For clothing stores, is the impact rate into the store. The second point: the style is the style of the clothes style, color design work is the core of the clothes. It is a good soul types expressive, it has vitality. Now most of the clothing is a function of decoration, decorate beautiful beautiful body, everybody in buying clothes, in addition to the color design is an important factor. Design is not good-looking or style compared with competitors' products style, is there any design points directly affect the competitiveness. The third point: version to a piece of clothing or inappropriate in addition to the clothing itself, is about to see the effect of the upper body, an article of clothing design is good but wear in the body feel uncomfortable that version of the model have a problem, version to bad style, color, again good is useless, version of good or bad depends on the ability level designers, playing version of the division and play version of the technical progress, from the design works to the actual gap are common clothing, dealers have profound experience. Fourth: work is the technological level of products, including clothing car suture is even and straight, strong, the keyhole is good, have obvious thread, etc. , the work is not good customer complaints of the product is high, the satisfaction will drop. So the factory to attach great importance to the work of product reduce the fraction defective of the products. Fifth: fabrics fabrics including in the broadest sense of the 'fabric, material, lining, packing material, bravery' five types. A into clothes feel is good, as long as the touch can know. Fabirc fade, shrinkage is the main issue, pilling, deformation, etc. If it is a high grade garments, customer base is very exquisite, with the fabric, of course, the mass of cheap clothing, is a lot less to the requirement of fabric, a lot of clothing you are valued in the fabric. Sixth: price price the quantity run up high, low price have no profit, now the goods three customers are smart, to decide whether to buy, so dealers should fully consider the price of the product.
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