Simple dress processing cutting method

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-02
Hong yu clothing is known to all focus on women's dress ODM/OEM, nearly 15 years of experience in fashion in Europe and America, this is a handy in dress processing. So let me tell you the simple cutting machining method of the dress. Simple cropping in the clothing factory is a common clothing OEM method, a simple cutting machining is a kind of linear cutting, not a formula for inch, crossing on the fabric cutting, discharge, materials comparison province, before and after the body is horizontal material cutting, can use all kinds of cloth, linen, polyester silk, silk thin materials such as production, after finished the total skirt can be 110 cm long, the chest can be 108 cm ( Loose type) 。 The use of this material in long belt is adornment, can reflect the charm of mature women. Simple cut out for wool powder, including do sewing, skirt side seam 1. Do seam 5 cm, waist is 2 cm, 1 side seam. 5 cm, the bottom 2 cm wide. Other do seam will be 1 cm. Suitable for high 160 - as a whole 165 cm, waistline 82 - Women choose 92 cm. In the process of the specific women's generation, we can apply this simple cutting method to tailor the dress.
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