Smog masks how to choose? Buy to not buy expensive

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-17
With the improvement of health consciousness, air quality has become a concern, but always work out come, then, is the relatively cheap and convenient mask almost inevitable choice of self protection. So, masks brands models on the market so much, how to choose suits own? On November 18, 2016, Beijing residents wearing a mask. Surging news reporter xie kuang shi figure first, buy right, don't buy expensive. Masks what this thing is not everyday items, strictly speaking should calculate labor protection articles, this means that the fog haze mine works of many of the masks were in response to the factory and so on worse than street environment design, spend high price to buy may be superior to the broader protection but with less than in the city, not white. Don't blindly buy high-price mask another important reason is that the filtering efficiency, in the case of other conditions unchanged, usually the contaminants rate higher masks will be more expensive, but it does not necessarily mean 'better' for you - — Higher filtration efficiency often leads to greater respiratory resistance, which means you every breath will be more effort, feel more, the results are more inclined to take off mask without a back, it's the beginning with you buy masks the opposite direction. On the premise of ensure buy authentic, buy the right model is more sensible. Look at the air tightness, masks, masks, to cover up, face small wear the large-sized masks, not leave the duke guan with long beard's wearing masks are flat. Choose the mask if you can't just keep airtight cover face, the filtering performance is a castle in the air. Some masks filter efficiency is low but support cutting joint face, in some special situation is better than flat all code mask. Then consider filtering efficiency. American N95, our standard of KN90, although different letters at the back of the Numbers represent particle filtering rate are testing environment, buy one or two standard cheap masks to experience different respiratory resistance, choose appropriate oneself of the specifications of the ventilation capacity. It should be reiterated that is not the filter specifications, the higher the better. Breathing can lead to inadequate ventilation, suppress into bosom frowsty dizziness is not cost-effective. Selected the suitable filtering efficiency, can continue to adjust the comfort, my ears are very sensitive, for example, don't wear hanging ear masks, choices are tied back. Comb a plait at friends can also choose to tie around the neck of models, as well as in terms of permeability and shape of trade-offs, and so on, to reduce the discomfort of users as the first priority. Buy it doesn't mean everything is all right, you will have to use. Yes, in the hospital and walking on the street for so many years, really have a lot of people can't even wear masks. Second is when the change is change, most of respirator filter material are one-time design to be washed, feel a little dirty on the decisive change to avoid pollution and filtering efficiency is reduced, from the beginning suggest choose the suitable ratio of another meaning that is. Masks are less expensive like contact lenses can realize left to ensure every day can use on the new day.
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