Soldiers on duty haze days can wear masks? There is truth!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-27
Beijing heating season hasn't started, the fog is visit ahead of schedule, the haze masks again 'pop'. For the officers and soldiers, haze days, like the mount guard, patrol, and other outdoor activities also cannot little. Soldiers on duty should shouldn't wear face mask once again become a hot topic. Recently, the reporter to contact air staff authority leadership, part of the air force officers and soldiers and related medical experts, and common haze days how to care for the health of officers and soldiers. Myth: the haze masks affect military image? Truth: health and handsome can have it all last year, the air staff work directly under the bureau to customize a batch of haze masks, with the characteristic of air force officers to organs and directly affiliated institutions in hospital. Has been praised by the officers and men, but the guard soldiers wore masks on photograph network after exposure, comments are mixed. Most netizens move thumb up for forces of human nature, but there are a few people think 'uniform wear a face mask military image temperament' 'is a violation of the regulations on the doctrine? 'The reporter sees in air force compound east past, securtiy guards on duty when put haze masks worn,' air force 'blue color and the top left corner emblazoned with the air force positive sign, in harmony with the air force military uniform color, the beauty is generous. Many friends hope to be able to buy with 'air force' against the haze masks message, confirm the aesthetic view of the press. About soldiers wearing a mask is not in violation of the regulations on the doctrine of the problem, the reporter specially refer to the interior of the Chinese people's liberation army doctrine, not whether can find the related provisions of wearing masks. Air force political work part-time lawyer zhi-jie gao told reporters, according to the 'no banned, that is, to allow' legal principle, the soldiers can wear the haze mask, but need to comply with the regulations of the interior of the requirements of the relevant military dress, we must do 'clean grave, in neat formation, specification, unified'. Air staff work directly under the bureau has said, protect health is keep fighting, with the haze mask reflects the leader, organ concern for officers and soldiers health care. When issued with masks, we consider the haze performance with military uniform worn appearance requirements, by comparing with several and merit, determine the choose and buy is this haze masks. Guard soldiers Lin Zhiyuan keep wearing 'air force' haze masks the photos sent to his family, the mother praised it as 'healthy and handsome have it all'. Myth: cut back fog days is temperamental? Truth: protection consciousness is also out of combat effectiveness on October 19, Beijing meteorological observatory issued the fog haze yellow early warning signal, empty and camp guards to the original plan is adjusted for indoor outdoor combat skills teaching doctrine regulation learning and periodic assessment, on guard duty sentry wearing masks. 'Fog haze days reduce outdoor training, once the emergency happened in fog day, the soldiers can skilled disposal? 'The reporter asked the guard camp battalion commander jack tchen were its creators. He answered and said, a line of soldiers in the haze environment for a long time, the officers and soldiers adverse impact on personal health, this is common sense. If in a fog environment intensive training of organization, is bound to increase the adverse impact. Jack tchen were its creators also said that, as for the low visibility conditions, emergency and emergency response, we will be looking for fog, rather than the haze days training, it is in other seasons can also organize training by using the method of release of smoke. Guard soldiers responsibility mission, ready to fight, also have the ability to ready to deal with emergency. But even in case of emergency, fog day soldiers should also be the necessary protection. 'At the same time should also be aware of, practice, practice is not equal to silly concerned about the health of officers and soldiers, reduce non-combat injuries, also is the protection of combat effectiveness. In this sense, the protection consciousness is also out of combat effectiveness. 'Jack tchen were its creators solemnly stressed tone. Myth: a soldier far, two not afraid dead, but also afraid of haze? 'This is the guard soldiers Wang Jialu dialogue with mother on the phone. He told the reporters, the unit with anti-fog haze masks, timely adjust the training content, reasonable arrangement of diet, heard about this a series of measures to prevent, mother don't have to worry about me as a 'human flesh purifier'. Air force general hospital infection control experts jin-gui cao said that the army should all work in as the basic standard, the spirit of 'one far, two not afraid dead' to combat effectiveness, for scientific and effective protection of fog is to protect, can't take both. Jin-gui cao remind all officers and soldiers, fog day after entering indoor to do a good job in 'three things' - — Wash a face, mouthwash, clean up the nasal cavity, and are attached to the body to remove haze. Clean the nasal method: wash hands, with warm water, gently with the nose suction, and then quickly blow your nose, repeated several times, Blowing your nose, pay attention to the unilateral alternate nostril) 。 Eye irritation obvious, can be used under the guidance of artificial tears eyes. Air force general hospital cardiovascular disease experts xiao-ping hou for fog day scientific dietary recommendations are as follows: pay attention to eat excitant food less, eat more green leafy vegetables and fruit when conditional, has a cough expectorant, runfei function better, such as carrot, lotus root, citrus, pears, etc. Haze days to increase water properly, to keep the respiratory tract moist, such respiratory epithelium cilia movement and can secrete mucus adhesion of inhaled haze particles and in the form of sputum excretion.
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