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Some tips to choose and wear the mask

Some tips to choose and wear the mask


What mistakes should I avoid when buying a mask?

1.Can disposable non-woven masks and common activated carbon masks effectively isolate smog?

Actually, it can't. The structure of these masks determines that they cannot form an effective seal around the mouth and nose, and the non-woven fabric material is not born for dust and haze. Activated carbon has little effect on blocking fine particles.


2. Is the bigger the mask brand and the higher price, the better the effect?


This is certainly not necessary. Not every big foreign brand has products that are more suitable for our domestic market, and for others it may not be for you. The effect of the face mask is not necessarily related to the price.


3. Is the mask protection level higher?


actually not. A high level of protection means greater resistance to breathing and a much lower level of comfort. Serious or even breathing difficulties, so we still need to buy and wear masks according to our own needs, and do not blindly pursue high-grade masks. It is generally sufficient to wear anti-fog masks with filtering efficiency higher than 90% in ordinary fog and haze weather.

So how to wear a plane mask


In fact, the plane mask is a disposable mask. These types of medical masks are commonly used in the medical and health industries. The mask is very versatile and cannot be used to prevent fog and dust.

The wearing method is as follows:


1. There are white and blue on both sides, the white side is facing inwards, the metal strip on the side is facing up, the following two straps are tied behind the neck, and the lower edge of the mask reaches the root of the chin;


2. Pull up the edge band, cover the nose and mouth, and tie the two bands behind the ears;


3. Two index fingers press the line of the nose, close to the nose, and then gradually move to the sides to make the mask close to the facial skin;


4. After removing the mask, put it in a paper bag, throw it into the trash, wash your hands in time, and do not reuse it.

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