Someone do activity period is one yuan a female short-sleeved t-shirts wholesale

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-25
Clothing prices have high low, low price of clothing or have a lot of people like, but the price to low clothing is low is that I am never thought, we have a low to 3 in the past. Eight yuan a female T, I think the price is low enough, at least I have never seen a lower price wholesale clothing, today have to see someone said he had been one yuan a female T-shirt, of course, this is corresponded to sell, and the number is not much, is also sold in September, with short sleeves belongs to change garments according to the season. His march listed pleased these clothes is 10 yuan, price is 18 yuan. Change garments according to the supplier said six yuan to me before processing, dealing with how much and how much, I said three yuan a whole package. Then the whole package, I first twelve yuan, then eight yuan, six yuan, make activity is a time limit, the final three yuan clearance. The goods made are to be of five or six yuan cost, but in order to deal with inventory, recovery of money only to clean up the goods. But 1 yuan a piece of his activities should be very eye-catching, split it down also didn't earn much money, estimated no less to take the time to clear the goods, and I want to know is he about the source of the goods, he said the goods is from shenzhen a pathetic little clothing wholesale market, clothing decade may not know the market position, his T-shirt is particularly cheap, make more than twenty-five normal manufacturer, can wholesale him ten yuan. The market only fire escape can go up, not repeat or introduce is don't know. And the market relations is a such clothing production base in shenzhen, is also unknown. Cash from here to take goods, of course, is much cheaper than the others to my store to sell goods on a commission basis for two yuan. But the relatively formal point on a commission basis of manufacturer to also be much cheaper. Although I enter the clothing line for so many years, but has not heard of such a place, it seems I'm out of time or a few, should have more to know about the market around. Then why do these clothes would be so cheap? Formal clothing manufacturer is unable to make five or six yuan, at least eight or nine dollars to make. Because manufacturers with bulk fabric, and the supplier is for the use of private entrepreneurs is broken, so do it cheaper than others. Just said to ten dollars and twenty dollars t-shirts wholesale price, the same is true, the somebody else to one yuan to, normal manufacturer to the 20 or so less. Bulk fabric is back to the city of purchasing cloth, cloth mainly large garment factory or other plants that need a lot of cloth completion of orders for the rest of the cloth. These general extremely cheap cloth processing small workshops to clothing. But the batch cloth and cloth broken or have certain advantages, bulk batch production, mass, rags normally only do hundreds of pieces. But hundreds of pieces is enough for small workshops. Out large-scale production and distribution, is about the batch. Do the clothing is qi qi yards. A generally two color more style, more nearly ten colors, each color points several yards. Of course, there are both qi's color code, it is easier to sell, because no matter what kind of customer took a fancy to this style, there will be the color of her satisfied and yards. You can often see the mall have break code processing goods, break code is sold the most code number, the rest of the clothes, small workshops of clothes is hard to do his color code.
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