Someone in the clothing wholesale market in high price than on bargain hunting clothing clothing wholesale network

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-25
Before the traffic is not developed, we can do is to go to take goods clothing wholesale market, because it is no way to things, if you don't go to the market so you won't get a new style of clothing, I remember we go to clothing wholesale market with the people there are goes hand in hand, and sometimes will be set out in the middle of the night, when the traffic is not convenient, want to wait for a ship to dock, early 座船 to county and then transfer to the clothing market with the car to the city, down a day like this may be not enough, so many people together is in order when the time comes to accommodation can also share a little bit rate, think of doing business at that time it's a more bitter. But in order to get a better pin of the supply of goods also have to do so. Now let's go to the clothing wholesale market more convenient, direct car will arrive directly, also don't have to spend so much time, can get a good supply of goods. For the people in the city, they may sometimes go to the clothing wholesale market, because there was plenty of styles and all. Can spend less time to find a new dress, and now some people always think the dress in clothing wholesale market prices if the retail price seems to be up too high, some people even think the price is more expensive than that of outside the store, there is this why? Someone went to a clothing wholesale market shopping, also took a fancy to a clothes, asking that retail price, the price is very scary, then she will be in a website Posting ite, she don't ask don't know ask a fright, and he has the same original people are a lot of ah. Also some people think ah entity shop price is so high, they also saw to the entity shop to compare the prices on the Internet, see if there is any difference. Also some people wanted to buy on the net, but fear can't see the real don't know the length and quality is in line with the requirements, so he went to the clothing wholesale market. Online a warm clothing as long as 20 yuan, results in a wholesale market for q, offered 45 yuan make people dizzy dead. I turned to go, the boss said give you preferential 38 yuan. I said no, the boss let me make a price I said 20 yuan, the boss said you can't find this everywhere here. Then ask a to 30 yuan a set of fixed prices. Or more expensive than online ah. Originally wanted to if I can also accept 25 yuan, after all run out don't want to away empty-handed, result the somebody else price so high! Go to the wholesale market to buy clothes is a miscalculation. Actually I think this is just one example, all can't say so, also some people in the clothing wholesale market to buy cheap and affordable clothing. Businessman in clothing wholesale markets, are generally for mass merchants, mainly because they are running, so we want to lower price is to buy more quantity, but the problem is the clothing than other, if I buy too much back no one to share with me, no one likes the dress that I chose and trouble. Said to buy clothes online way to still have a lot of, some people close to find some clothing wholesale website, the above 10 things up a batch of clothing, 10, this was a good number of fill, such as to find some friends together in the above selected clothing, fill the 10 give businesses the order again, and this is their choice of style, also won't say don't like such a trouble, and save all the money, and got the goods at our wholesale price, so is it recommended ah, believe also has a lot of people use such strategies.
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