South Korea fashionable dress to radiation throughout the west from chengdu

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-27
Was born in 1905 in Seoul, South Korea, the eastern gate of the market will undoubtedly holds the south Korean fashion apparel industry, famous movie star's clothes appeared on the television screen, clothing designers will stay up rushed east gate, the second day morning to go to the market, the clothes in every mall has high visible stalls. Because of the pace of the latest fashion, Seoul, South Korea, the east gate to flourish. At present about 30 stores, gathered here have more than 30000 shops and more than 50000 production manufacturer, make eastern gate in Seoul, everyone will come to the bustling business district, is also one of Asia's larger wholesale market. Have been to South Korea must know, the eastern gate of Seoul is one of Asia's larger clothing wholesale market, literally, here is also the birthplace of radiation whole Asia Han Chao fashion, popular and DOOTA is popular, east gate, operation as well as the trend of fashion mall success. So tempting DOOTA would really moved to chengdu? , blu-ray property related sources that the south Korean tide custom center in koreatown airport international city group construction, its future operations will introduce Han Guodong door DOOTA business model, and a large number of commercial brands will also directly imported from South Korea, this is the chengdu version of the DOOTA, chengdu clothing fashion will keep pace with South Korea. DOOTA Seoul is representative of the east gate of shopping mall and it mall class is high, and a good shopping atmosphere, brand choice, here is the center of the south Korean tide custom representative. Including a large number of clothing brand famous young designers are from South Korea, the entire DOOTA completely is an outstanding fashion designer, clothing manufacturers, market sales of merchants and consumers highly resource integration platform. A lot of clothing styles can be customized according to customers' requirements, it is said that at least eighty percent of China's han edition dress taobao shopkeepers are restocking in DOOTA. Asian tourists go to Seoul DOOTA is shopping mall, here open until 5 o 'clock in the morning every day, even in the middle of the night here are thronged traffic, in the middle of the mall of broadcast can be heard for Chinese name, because many Chinese tourists or businessmen here to shopping and replenish onr's stock, so many businessmen and even offer Chinese service. Fashionable dress is representative of South Korea industry, introduces the outstanding fashion designers and clothing brand of South Korea to chengdu, this makes the whole sky harbor international city koreatown planning of far-reaching significance. Blu-ray aspects concerned personage says, the Korean tide custom center will be the nods eyeball pen of the entire airport international city koreatown group, not only for the airport area, and even in the west of the fashion industry, even for the whole chengdu airport international city from now on will also play a decisive role, chengdu people's fashion lifestyle or will change. As the koreatown sustained and in-depth development, it will completely change the chengdu are fashionable way of life and the way of air travel. The koreatown planning has transcended the pure concept of regional commercial center, in addition to having Korea first brand retail supermarkets, five-star cinemas, relying on the establishment of the Korean tide custom center, in the fashion industry in koreatown more will radiate the whole and the western city of chengdu, at the same time from the port of the distribution center planning and construction and make the airport international city will become the shuangliu airport in the true sense includes leisure, catering, entertainment, accommodation, business, etc. , fully functional 'second lounge.
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