Spring to unlock the eight fashion trend? Good luck ~ not to be missed

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-02
As a focus on trend fashion apparel foreign trade companies, is bound to get all the fresh fashion information, so what are the elements of the most popular costumes this year? Let's follow hong yu clothing small make up to find out. Design elements of modern graffiti printing has always been popular, unlike previous printed graffiti, graffiti printing more than 2018 for the modern illustration style pattern. Make the garment more modern artistic whole, more in line with the modern young people's aesthetic and attitude towards life. Fabric collage so-called fabric collage is fabric on the structure of the different weight, pattern, adhesion, collage, block, with rich artistic breath mix splicing theme. Combination of knitting and tatting, pure color and printing, leather and fabric, jacquard and velvet and lace, create ever-changing modelling design, different printing splicing, reduced color species to maintain the unity of design. Have been rotating wheel of waist decoration fashion. When you are still in the Oversize, waist and quietly returned to the top of the tide, wind gird concept has been active in the two seasons, from the view of the public is the symbol of the palace noble status, before is now our designer has become one of the fashion elements. But in which he wanted to express the concept of constant, that is emphasis on the curve of the female rich posture charm. Adopt the ornament more fashionable.
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