Star with more than 5 cents medical masks, which have a standard!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-03
Recently, CCTV reported, China academy of household appliances intelligent family research center through the experiments show that some 23 yuan star 'with the' masks, protective effect and its filtering effect, should not common surgical masks as five hair moneys. See such a conclusion, it is estimated that those with the goal of the haze, wearing these 'star with masks', how many there will be some not great heart, spend more money, but in the more haze, the rhythm of this is not being cheated? Since ancient times people say that the illness, but in front of the haze, obviously also need to add a 'from the nose into the disease'. Then from time to time to intrusion of haze, with a large number of PM2. 5, maybe is deposited in the alveoli, think this scene is evil. Then, mask became necessities. Wear a mask, although cannot kill the fog haze, but how many have a slow and psychological comfort. However, the trouble comes. Especially the businessman is easy to convert the demand of people to make money, masks with all sorts of attitude came to the people's eyes, the price fluctuation differs a few times, it is said that can prevent mist haze, give a person a kind of fuzzy feeling quite so feel. 'All styles himself a haze effect of face mask, must list their own level of protection. 'This isn't to blame manufacturers? Of course, they have a responsibility, but what is specific responsibility, what does not seem to define the standard, just by a science experiment cannot serve as the basis of law enforcement. Speaking, masks or the invention of our ancestors, because according to limited record, za Chinese using a mask at the earliest. In the early days, of course, not used to prevent mist haze, but to help the body to resist the cold air, and then with the progress of medicine, people realized that the object for the spread of disease prevention, has gradually become the standard of the hospital. Early surgical masks is given priority to with thick gauze, then according to the size of size of the filter material, the United States launched a N series, R series, P series of different standards, such as the europeans made the classification of FFP series, our country have similar my mask is divided into four classes of standards. However, when the masks appear as medical items, will undergo relatively strict standard detection, N95 or N99, practical standard to reach, it is not allowed to mark. But when the mask from the hospital ran out of the haze of becoming, should accept what kind of standard, but some lost the direction, because of the fog is a very broad concept, the inside of the composition is relatively complex, our masks should resist what kind of material, these seem to be not an accurate statement. This time, talk about the haze of masks, really easy to appear chaotic situation, especially walking in the street, also want to two or morethings and beautiful effect, is more likely in other aspects of the effect of weakening. So, to mask the haze, merchants can't always rely on to hyped, some media to survey, at this time should be more professional, for example in the fog day suit to use what masks the optimal level, management should require all flaunt oneself have an effect of haze of masks, must list their own level of protection and so on. These measures, may people won't buy expensive wandering between 'star mask' or disposable masks.
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