Striped shirt every year you also have a popular classic models

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-23
Never lack of the classic fashion sheet is tasted, can withstand each item of classic tide baptism, fashion is always in the development, different eras and aesthetic ideas of the people each time change, so some item after one hundred years later still can become a fashion, it will be a classic. A season to wear t-shirts, this two days gave me a plate of closet T-shirt, found the stripe T alone accounted for half! Long sleeve knit cotton, can be ranked I love T-shirt design. Horizontal stripe T-shirt in the summer can always bring a fresh feeling to our vision, especially the classic blue and white stripe style, as long as you wear in the body can strongly feel the taste of the sea. Stripe as inseparable from the classic elements of fashionable circle, beginning is the symbol of the 19th century French navy clothing design elements, the original is marked with black and white striped sailor can drop sea is more likely to be found. Later after Ms. Chanel fashion, stripe was applied to high fashion design, the stripe to much popular in the fashion industry. Striped shirt is a closet everyone the necessary sheet is tasted, inside or outside are appropriate. Compared with the classic black and white stripes, this season's stripes are a carrier of more abundant chromatic stripe T-shirt. Color stripe is not only a high-profile, especially horizontal stripes, will pull people wide, therefore, relatively tight fit type does not look fat. Stripe T-shirt how to match? Of course more cool to wear shorts in summer, girl with thigh meat meat can easily cover A word skirt with white meat, wear A elegant temperament. Bag also choose white, echo is more able to bear or endure look and chic clothing color. Red lip and knitting hat also can let you out of the street for a second senior, T-shirt with blue denim shorts, uniform color is pure and fresh, wearing a brown belt, saddled with brown bag, restoring ancient ways easily through the French street, fashionable teenage girls go out dressed in waves, just like that. Outgoing parts wear spoil the horizontal stripes, occasionally also has a temperament, vertical stripes attempt is more suitable for the workplace. Collocation wide-legged pants more relaxed with aura. Is the inside of the costume design evergreens, stripes, and for ever joker classic. Simple stripe T-shirt became the men and women is a wardrobe essential joker coat, always can give a person the feeling of fresh and clean. Want to striped shirt wear a fashion sense, it might as well move together, match out of your own personality, play your imagination you can easily become stripe hipster.
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