Suitable for 16 - 30 years old girl beautiful fashion show the dress collocation of temperament

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-01
The autumn/winter arrived, and prepared for a new dress, then we worry about what to buy clothes is comfortable, simple, good collocation, show young, temperament again? Hong yu clothing factory to introduce you to suitable for 16 - now 30 years old girl dress collocation. 【 Ma3 jia3 + jeans. Elaborate waistcoat is equal to the coat, very aura, inside take stripe unlined upper garment to wear jeans, wedge heels, the adornment of tassel, sexy hip. 【 Dust coat + feet pants 】 Army green in autumn and winter very fashionable color, tie-in white coat and black feet pants, very classic color, cuff roll roll, fashionable practice well. 【 Cloth coat + jeans. Cloth coat in qiu dong is indispensable for every woman, both warm and fashionable joker, inside take jeans, loose version or tight patterns are fan, tie-in loose jeans, be a little hippie wind leisure, tie-in and tight jeans, more young smell and is more apparent. 【 Long cardigan + feet pants 】 Sense of autumn, want to wear the stylish have temperament, cardigan is a good choice, in a thin jacket, tight little feet pants, cultivate one's morality figure completely, plus a cardigan, a aura is very casual fashion sense. 【 Loose sweaters + skirts 】 Loose sweaters to wear in the body is very fashionable, languid is lazy and optional collocation skirts, enchanting elegant very have feminine taste. If tall can choose long skirt, very beautiful, is the norm. It is said that the wine red especially popular this year.
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