Surgical masks can be used as the PM2. 5 mask use

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-08
Today, fog has become the enemy of most cities in our country, many urban population suffering, as people understanding of haze harm, masks and other protective equipment is more and more attention, some businesses, surgical masks the launch of the store and snapped up by the consumers, so in the face of haze, whether has the medical level of protection will have stronger protection? It's not. Prevent mist haze masks and surgical masks are two different concepts. Surgical masks currently on the market and the kinds of features: surgical masks are mainly used for medical staff to use at work, for certain bacteria particles effective protection in the process of medical treatment. Mainly divided into the following two categories: 1. Disposable surgical masks, also known as medical surgical masks, usually used in the operation, for the blue plane masks. Disposable surgical masks are divided into three layers, the outer is used to prevent blood or saliva splash, the middle layer mainly filtering germs and other toxic substances, the inner layer belong to the moisture absorption layer, middle the breathing process effective adsorption of water vapor. 2. Medical respirator, the health care industry the most professional respirators, contagious respiratory disease is the most respirators, also in SARS, bird flu and the current widely used during the emergence of ebola virus protection. Medical respirator generally divided into three layers, the inner material is non-woven fabric, the middle tier for efficient electrostatic spray layer, the outer layer of ultrathin polypropylene melt-blown layer. Medical respirator antivirus germs performance effect is remarkable, masks to avoid WeiHuXing, more can not be reused after cleaning. Such as 3 m1860 mask. Main accord with GB19083 - surgical masks 2010 standard for medical respirator technical requirements, through China's food safety certification may be used as a surgical masks, and foreign product also need professional supply industrial dust mask to get the health certification, such as the FDA certification. So, to understand the different types of surgical masks, again say if they can prevent pm2. 5. PM2。 5 is refers to the fine particulate matter refers to the air in the air of dynamics equivalent diameter less than or equal to 2. 5 micron particles. It can be suspended in the air for a long time, the higher its concentration in the air content, means, the more serious air pollution. On the domestic and international have rules about dust mask, such as the national GB2626 - 2006 regulations KN90 dust mask refers to the oil particles, filtration efficiency 90%. Usually test the particle size of 0. 3 micron, much lower than the PM2. 2 of 5. More than 5 micron particle size, so as long as meet KN90 and dust mask, can used for protective PM2. 5. American standard stipulated by the NIOSH N95 also refers to the oily particle filtration efficiency is more than 95%. So as long as meet the KN90 / KN95 national standards or the standards of the American N95 or higher respirator are can be used as anti fog mask. Disposable surgical masks that react to materials such as blood, saliva, splash and germs, protective, has no requirements for particle filtering, thus the disposable masks do not necessarily apply to prevent PM2. 5 unless surgical masks by medical standards comply with the relevant particles protection standards at the same time. Surgical masks can not prevent mist haze, therefore, should choose to comply with the relevant particles protection standards of masks used as protective haze. (fai mall remind you that in the process of selection, the words must not be surface or other seemingly 'professional' term is misleading.
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