Surgical masks how to choose?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-25
Surgical masks are divided into the common surgical masks, medical surgical masks and medical respirator, their protection levels increased step by step. 1) Common surgical masks generally lack of particles and bacteria filtration efficiency requirements, or filtration efficiency requirements for particles and bacteria under medical surgical masks and medical protective mask. Common surgical masks is hanging ear type, can be used in the ordinary circumstances of one-time health care, or particles of pathogenic microorganisms such as pollen or protection. 2) Surgical masks in three layers, the outer block water effect, can prevent the droplets into a mask, and can filter the middle and inner moisture absorption effect. Department of medical surgical masks for general belt conveyor, it is suitable for the medical personnel or relevant personnel of the basic protection, and in the process of invasive operation to prevent the spread of blood, body fluids, and splash guard. Relatively common surgical masks, medical surgical masks for respiratory tract infectious disease has a good barrier, and dust prevention effect is superior to common surgical masks, but compared with medical respirator, medical surgical masks of protection level and use a little weak. 3) Medical protective mask is suitable for the protection of transmission through air respiratory infectious diseases, and to dust, smog blocking effect is very good also, protection grade in these masks high. We often say the N95 respirator is belong to this category. Even if the ordinary cheap surgical masks protective effect than on the market a variety of masks protective effect is better. Then the mask is select the protection level, the higher the better? Of course not! According to the specific environment to choose to wear. Everything has its two sides, the mask is not exceptional also, good masks, protective function of its closure will be relatively well, in plain words, will be boring, long wear can cause discomfort.
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