Swedish global offering high-tech anti-fog haze mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-20
On December 1, 2016 is on sale globally on the Swedish Airinum companies face a high-tech anti-fog haze mask, the mask of PM2. Harmful substances in the 5 filtration efficiency reached 99%. Not only that it has successfully blends functionality, comfort and fashion appearance. According to the official news, December 8 Airinum will be limited to 1000 for the first time in China. Is different from other anti-pollution masks, Airinum mask has double design, the tank consists of three layers of filter, may at any time change, the appearance of the Nordic famous stylist elaborate design, with unique double breathing valve and adjustable ear, provides reliable protection at the same time also the fashion and beautiful. Airinum Alexander, the founder of the original idea comes from it in India a life experience. Early in 2014, Alexander to India's first month, he gone for asthma because air pollution suddenly recurrence, he tried to find a can really protect the mask, however he found on the market of those masks don't really have the effect of pollution prevention, and coarsely wear up very comfortable. Alexander was determined to research and development design a unprecedented masks, can really protect, and comfortable wearing. Alexander, hope everyone can breathe the pure air. In this concept, he found one of the top filter company in the world and the Nordic famous fashion designer, after adjusting for repeated testing, design, Airinum mask finally was born. After December 1 Airinum officially listed in the world, has received good feedback in foreign countries. Learned from the user's evaluation, no matter in terms of function, comfort and appearance design, Airinum is a mask of what they really want.
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