'Take off the' will lead to the Chinese spinning clothing exports to the eu is facing huge pressure to 'slow'

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-15
On June 26, decided to take off the British referendum, the industry is more concerned about is will affect in the textile trade, in my opinion, these concerns in the short term is not, as is known to all, the textile and clothing is always dependent on imported from abroad, especially outside the eu country imports, while the British clothing imports from China's growth is particularly significant, clothing imports each year is equal to the number of the textile imports. British MISSGUIDED as a famous international fashion brands, hong yu garment has cooperation with us for many years. Picture 1 new dress long in the summer of 2016 the British off the biggest influence on consumption is mainly concentrated in the luxury of high-grade consumer goods or the price is higher, and for everyday consumer products such as textile clothing did not have much of an impact, are showing more than from the influence of the concern about economic prospects, along with Britain, after all, is a fairly stable developed economies, as now, the British consumers for high quality and low price of China's textile and clothing products or consumer demand will remain a growth range, short-term impact will not be too big to see expected. Picture 2, 2016 new summer slacks trousers female printed chiffon v-neck accept waist width legs, of course, in the European Union is always competitive product of Chinese textile clothing is an objective reality, but as an engine of eu economy development countries such as Britain, Germany, in 2008, the international financial crisis, economic recession, consumption dropped obviously, according to the European economy as a whole in a cooling trend. The British & other; Take off throughout Europe &; Certainly will cause certain economic turmoil, must weaken the competitive advantage of Chinese textile clothing in the UK market, east Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India is more cheap textile and clothing products will enter to grab market share, so for medium and long term, China's textile and apparel exports to the eu and the UK will face huge & other; Slow down & throughout; Pressure and its change trend will also be the key factors affecting the overall pattern of China's textile exports. 2016 summer long pink in the new bud silk dress photo 3 cultivate one's morality show thin waist round collar woman skirt
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