Take you into the clothing color psychology

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-02
The application of color psychology research to the clothing, can achieve certain practical effect. The clothing color is the abstract language, it can be before you have not yet speak, will deliver some specific messages to each other, let each other to produce the relevant associations, even cause some minor reactions. Wear color, good, the following, hong yu clothing will introduce you to a variety of colors of clothing. Black: preference for black women in the life, often being unusually independence, they are rich in ideas, good at restraint, ego to protect consciousness very strong, looks cool but the heart is always lonely. White: women tend to like white clothing is tired of all kinds of bright color, is in search for new self or are adjusting to the new environment. Understanding, understanding is the characteristic of this kind of female character. Red: most women like to wear red clothes have positive life concept and open-minded philosophy, their personality is outgoing, lively, frank, sincere. Yellow: yellow of the female clothing is often & other; Good fellowship & throughout; The pronoun. This kind of women like to make friends, is good at expressing their joys and sorrows, the easiest way to make the person produces trust and kindness. Blue: blue is & other; A talented & throughout; The symbol. Love blue clothing women, mind is filled with wisdom, with strong decision-making ability, a strong sense of responsibility, but sometimes make people stay at a respectful distance from sb with self-awareness is too strong.
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