Teach you to distinguish the quality of activated carbon masks and function

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-22

Are often use most of the active carbon layer mask factory processing do N95 mask containing leaching method mixing resins and activated carbon, with a fixed on the nonwoven fabric, the city has a lot of fake activated carbon masks, though seemingly similar deep black activated carbon cloth, is in fact only through dyeing processing, completely unable to adsorption odor or organic gases. Real activated carbon is through the gauze mask high temperature carbonization and activation of activated carbon particles or activated carbon fiber, even under high temperature is not easy to melt. Give it a try, will you use the activated carbon masks cut open, take out the black mask of the activated carbon activated carbon layer, with the hand grinding, is there black granular falling objects, use lighter to burn, without residual activated carbon and activated carbon fiber, suggests that you used to purchase the adsorption of fake goods. Activated carbon masks with everybody to know about his growing today, the amount of activated carbon masks have been rising, so it is sometimes active carbon masks the mall, the air is not very good, often present the quality of the activated carbon masks is unqualified, and even the present practice of fraud, it is activated carbon is not activated carbon masks masks pretend to mask. So for the sake of our own health, we need to know some simple way to detect activated carbon masks, here we have to share some of the most commonly used to identify active carbon masks way: one, let's look at the color of the activated carbon masks, activated carbon is black powder, fibrous and granular, no matter what shape is he is black, so made of activated carbon activated carbon mask color is black or grey. Two, see activated carbon masks masks packing has the characteristic of detailed clarify on the package. Three, look at the structure of activated carbon masks, like single activated carbon masks can tear a, see if it activated carbon fiber, the filter cartridge can open box, see is activated carbon. Activated carbon masks this without the use of the term must be constraints and rules, the image plane and the four layers of the activated carbon masks are one-time use, other use period, such as: cup type, folding, mask type activated carbon masks can be according to the pollution degree of resolution. Activated carbon masks offer its standard, and not necessarily the resolution by various factors: 1. Activated carbon masks brand 2. The style of the activated carbon masks 3. Activated carbon masks materials and manufacturing technology, 4. Market supply and demand, etc.
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