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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-27
Clothing suppliers tell you ancient Egypt is the birthplace of flax. The 5th century, Egypt Wang Ama sith had to the Greek goddess Athena a embroidery has a pattern of cotton linen breastplate, is made of 360 root of flax fiber. Flax fiber is the main advanced jute spinning raw material, which enjoys a good fiber queen, whole body is treasure. Clothing suppliers tell you flax fiber from flax this plant, is one of the most valuable ecological resources, it is a kind of renewable resource, everywhere is a treasure, and without the use of herbicides and pesticides in the process of planting, but a kind of green environmental protection fiber. Linen can be blended with other fibers, durable, washing, the more fabric is more soft, more gently. Wrinkle, also don't have to be ironed, belongs to the natural fiber, also is the best choice for environmental protection enthusiasts. Clothing suppliers know ever, European flax is considered a world first, CELC ( The European association of flax) Members produce linen and linen fabrics, with linen of trademark, registered in more than 60 countries. Flax cowboy is breathable, antibacterial and anti-static and other special effects. In addition to the synthetic fibers, natural linen products is one of the most strong in textiles, is not easy to tear or puncture. You see, the advantages of the linen clothes so much. Cracked on linen clothing?
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